Saturday, January 27, 2018

This should lead you to my Find A Grave page.  From there you can search for other
FREE ON ANCESTRY.COM.  They can be added easily to your family tree.
This is a marvelous help in tracing your family.  In case you aren't aware of
it you can create a family tree (or many of them) for free.  You only need to
pay to do research in their tremendous and evergrowing information bank.  
Copying family photos to your Family Tree is also free.  
You can also copy photos from other contributors, but that is available with
the fee membership. 

Below is the example of a Find A Grave Memorial I mentioned in the Post heading:
Memorial for Isaac A. Stone 1831-1900 at Butternut Valley Cemetery, Otsego County, NY 

This is an example of a Find A Grave memorial and all the information one can contain.  This is one of my Great Grandfathers.  Someone else had created the memorial and I asked for him to transfer it to me to
Maintain.  That way I was able to add all the information on the left and link family members.  I love that tool to connect family members.  I still have more work on this memorial to try to link more of his children to him.

The Find A Grave website is free to check out and to add to.  Memorials are added to cemeteries all over the world by volunteers.   If they weren't added by some generous volunteer, the names don't show up in the  cemeteries.  So, consider adding memorials, especially your immediate family such as parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc.  Starting with your immediate family makes it less confusing to get started.  It is very easy to add the memorials and it can be done quite quickly as you go along.  Someone, sometime will find your information very special.

As an example of that, I actually found great great grandparents buried at the Holdrege Cemetery in Otsego County, NY when I had assumed all along that they were buried near Vermont.  Another nice find for me was Isaac's mother Polly Aylesworth Stone at the Verona Cemetery as well as a photo of her headstone.

As you will note from my memorial example, photos also can be added easily.  Whenever I visit cemeteries, I take photos of my family stones and any others that I know or find of interest.  Their lives are preserved and honored this way when you add the photos to their memorials.  You can also add flowers and leave notes to your heart's content.

You can request photos of headstones from volunteers that may live closer to a cemetery where that person is buried.  I'm on that volunteer list and as I receive requests, I check out the interments at those cemeteries.  I've found many cemeteries that way that I wasn't aware of.  I can't possibly fill all the requests, but if I am visiting one of the cemeteries, I try to look for requested names.  Once in a great while, I've been lucky and already have a photo of the requested headstone.

The other thing that I've been trying to do as I add the posts to this blog are to check to see if the person has a Find A Grave memorial. I need to know where they are buried, and if a cemetery is listed in the obituary, I can check to see if they are listed at that cemetery.   If not, I try to create a memorial for them and add the obituary to the Bio part and any other info like their marriage announcement.

To save you time in searching names at a cemetery,  just fill in the name on the left side of the page when the cemetery page opens up.  This was something it took me over a year to discover, so I hope this saves you from learning the hard way as I did.  Before that I went immediately to the View All Interments and spent countless time searching that way wondering why in on earth there wasn't a quicker way.  Well, duh!  There was!  Try that kind of search in a cemetery of over 3,000 interments that the Mt. View one in Mesa, AZ has where an aunt and uncle of mine are buried!

Often you can come up with someone you are looking for on Find A Grave via Google and other search engines.  I've found an amazing amount of information when searching for my ancestors in the New England states way back to the 1600s.  Give it a try.  You will be excited with the info you can find.
Written by Donna Davenport

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Harrison, Harvey Died 1922 Laurens NY Obituary

"Harvey Harrison, a well known resident of Laurens township, died at his home about two miles from the village on the Mt. Vision road at 5:30 o'clock Wednesday evening of last week, death being attributed to neuralgia of the heart.  He suffered some injuries a few weeks ago when his team ran away and he never fully recovered from them.  Mr. Harrison was the son of the late William Harrison and Susan Bowen and was born sixty-eight years ago on the Harrison homestead near what was then known as Harrison's Mills, later known as Brewster's Mills.  He resided there until his marriage to Miss Anna Mickle after which he purchased a farm in the Butternut valley about two miles from Morris village where they resided for fifteen years and more.  About twenty years ago he purchased the farm where he has since made his home.  Mr. Harrison at one time represented his town on the Board of Supervisors and was a justice of the peace of that place at the time of his death.  He was a good citizen and all who knew him will learn with regret of his demise.  He was a member of the Mt. Vision grange.  His wife died about seven years ago.  Surviving him are eight children:  Ira of Roseboom, Verne of Toddsville, Lee of Utica, Horace residing at home, Miss Edna also at home, Mrs. Percy Wilson of Hartwick, Mrs. Robert McKennan of Cooperstown and Mrs. William Shove of Milford.  He leaves also two brothers, James Harrison of 14 Pine street, Oneonta, and Horace Harrison of West Oneonta.  To all the relatives the sympathy of many friends will be extended.  The funeral was held Saturday from his late home with interment in Hillington cemetery at Morris."  ["The Otsego Farmer & Republican" (Cooperstown, NY), Nov. 17, 1922]

Find A Grave Memorial for Harvey Harrison

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Davenport, Ralph W. 1926-2014 Sherburne NY

88th Surprise birthday party.  Ralph with wife Donna, son Paul, daughter Susan, her husband Dave, and their son, Michael.  Photo taken May 18, 2014.

Ralph Wallace Davenport 88, of Sherburne, NY
Was born into spirit on June 13, 2014 in Norwich, NY.
He had fought a long battle with several health issues including cancer.
He was born May 19, 1926 in Campbell Hall, NY, a son of Emerson and Minnie (Alton) Davenport. He spent his childhood on their family farm in Orange County. A point of interest in his family line is that his grandfather Alton stowed away at 11 years old to come to America from Ireland.

Ralph graduated from Washingtonville High School in 1943. We last attended their 67th class reunion.
In 1944, he volunteered to join the US Army and was proud to say he “was a World War II Infantry veteran”. He saw action at the Battle of the Bulge and then mop operations in Belgium and Holland.
He had reenlisted. then his father died and he came home to run the family farm.

On November 27, 1948, he married Daphne Ruhlaman. They had 3 sons. Alan (Louise) 1949-1974, Robert (Helene) of Haw River, NC and Lee (Joy) of Lititz, PA. Three grandchildren , Michael (Tammy), Jonathan (Jacinda), and Jennefer (Brad) Weaver and 6 great grandchildren, Abby and Mikayla Weaver, Hope, Levi, Holly, and Maggie Davenport.

One sister, Beulah Odell predeceased him in 2002. Nieces Jan and Sunny, nephews Kevin and Lonnie survive. There were 2 other marriages. Constance Rose Zigman and Linda Lawton. His previous wives are deceased. Constance in 1979, Linda in 2006, and Daphne in 2011.

He moved to a farm in Sherburne with son Alan in 1968.
On August 22, 1975 he married Donna (Boice) King, who survives. Their children are daughter, Susan (David) Langenfeld, Palmyra, NY, son Paul Davenport, Sherburne, stepdaughter, Beth King (Scott Barra) of Rosendale, NY and grandson Michael Langenfeld.

He was a dairy farmer most of his life. He later worked at Bennett Ireland, Blue Seal Feeds, Gladding Corp. and as night security at Chenango Memorial Hospital. His last job was delivering The Press and Sun Bulletin in the village of Sherburne.
He was a Grange member from age 14. He often volunteered attending the back gate at the Chenango County Fair as well as preparing food at the Methodist Food booth. He loved to dance. He belonged to the Broken Square many years. He and wife, Donna, as well as their children and foster children all enjoyed this family activity.

He enjoyed volunteering, especially delivering meals-on-wheels. He delivered to Earlville, Symrna, and Otselic shut ins and checked on them. He received an award for driving 5000 miles delivering meals for 2002. He had a lifelong love of tractors and was an enthusiastic member of TOYS (Tractors of Yesteryears). His favorites were Farmall tractors. Ironicly, the night he died, he was wearing a t-shirt with tractors on it with the saying “Tractors Never Die”.

Other surviving family are Arthur and Margaret Boice, Willis (Red) and Sue Boice, all of Norwich, and Richard and Linda King of Schnectady. There were numerous foster children especially Kevin Jones (Teresa) of VA, Donald (Jennie) Rogers of Norwich, and Diana (Bernie) Brazee, of Oxford.

A celebration of his life will be on Monday, June 16th at 4 PM at the Dakin Funeral Home in New Berlin, NY with military honors. Rev. Lyle Linder will officiate. Memorial donations may be made to the Sherburne Fire Dept. whose EMTs have been so helpful and good to us. Or to the Norwich Rehab and Nursing Center whose staff were very caring and helped us through a difficult time.

Find a Grave link for Ralph Wallace Davenport 1926-2014

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Have a Fun Filled Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day Weekend,

We started off this week by pulling off a surprise 88th birthday party for Ralph.  Our daughter
Sue came up with the idea and did the arranging.  We made calls and it came together nicely
with friends and family sharing the special event with us.  Sixteen of us enjoyed a meal at
Quack's Diner in Madison, NY.   Several of the guests also attended his 80th Birthday Party
when he was younger!

On the way home, I glanced back to check on him in the van.  All I could see was birthday
balloons.  He was completely submerged in the balllons and sound asleep.  And I didn't
even think to have Paul take a photo.  I'm slipping!

After a hectic week of Dr. visits and 2 more units of blood yesterday for Ralph, I'm very happy
to just stay quietly at home and get in a good nap this afternoon.  Finding the sink buried
in dishes was the first order of the day.  And I started a good book as well.
A perfect Memorial Weekend for this year.

I'm learning more than I wanted to learn about cancer and the caregiver role.  I can't imagine
trying to deal with all that is involved without a medical background.  A nurse told me yesterday
they have to 'learn fast and be assertive'. 

As of 2 weeks ago,  my husband's prostate test (PSA) was  up to 117.  We are still in limbo to start the
new hormone pill.  Very expensive, so has to be processed through insurance companies, the
pharmacal company, help from the cancer center social worker, etc.  I received a call saying the
copay was $2000.  Shock time!  So, coordination and help is hopefully going to get it all
implemented, sooner rather than later as the other med obviously hasn't been working for
sometime now.

Since he has so much bone involvement, he can't make enough red blood cells on his own. 
Hence, the 3rd round of blood transfusions so far.  The first in Oct., then 6 weeks ago, and again yesterday. 
We have that done at Fox Hospital in Oneonta.  Their ambulatory department staff have been
super each time.  They are extremely patient with him.  He comes in very weak and needing lots of assistance.  They have been wonderful to me also.

Two units of blood takes approximately 5 hours to transfuse.  He slept most of that time, all the
way home, and all evening.  What a difference this morning.  He was more alert, had some pink
in his cheeks and praise be, was abit more hungry.  He hasn't been taking in enough nourishment to
maintain his body needs.  

Because his protein level was low,  he was retaining even more fluid than usual, so we've been
dealing with that also.  That doesn't help his congestive heart failure issue.  They hit him with
20 mg of IV lasix times 3 along with the blood.  One can appreciate the fine balance our bodies
try to maintain to keep us in good health.

Thank you for thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Springtime Update

Hello to my followers,

I hope you are all having a wonderful spring.  I'm quite happy to have the weather warming slowly as
I like the cooler weather.  Having my window open for sleep again is so nice.  And I can hear the
mighty chorus of peepers from the nearby swamp and ponds.

We made it through this frigid winter in this old 1880s house with the high heating bills along with the
rest of you.  Another reason to be thankful for spring and warmer weather.

After the radiation, my husband had a 4 month break from the pain from the bone cancer.  Not
completely painfree, but very much less and actually had periods without pain.  He was
able to walk without assistance which was nice.  However, that has been wearing off.  He was to
have another radiation round after another bone scan.  The results were similar to the Sept 2013 one
with slightly more concentrated areas.

In the meantime, he was getting weaker.  His blood count was down and 2 more units of blood were
given.  That didn't help as much to bring up his appetite and strength as the first blood given in Oct.
He is back to needing help with every step either with a walker or someone to assist.

The PSA (prostate test) got down to a low of 25.9 which made everyone happy.  Unfortunately, it
didn't remain there.  It started climbing.  Up to 37, then 60, and on up to 94.7.  The present
hormone therapy isn't working, so another one is to be tried.  Plan B in the regime!

That is pretty much where we are at.  Thank you for saying a prayer and wishing him luck.

Share your family all you can and do fun things.  God forbid, but all too soon you may not be able to do either one. 

I wish you a wonderful summer.  Donna