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Photos of Elma Louise Stone before 1919

These photos are Elma Louise
Stone.  On the back of the
postcard photo at the right
was written "To Uncle Willie
and all the family"  "From Little Elma Louise Stone"
16 mo. old.

Since my grandfather William Stone nicknamed Willie died in 1919, this child would have been living before that.  I'm not sure which sibling she belonged to as yet.
The first photo isn't labelled, but she looks much like the child at the right to me.  If not, she
is a very cute little unknown lady.

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In Memory of My Dad, Arthur Jackson Boice Feb. 25, 1911 to April 28, 1996

Mom and Dad's Wedding photo 1934
Arthur and Margueriete Boice 25th Anniversary  

In Memory of My Dad Feb. 25, 1911 to April 28, 1996

Tell the story of your family members before their story gets lost and forgotten or there is no longer anyone to tell it. That said, this is Part One of my Dad's life story.

Arthur Jackson Boice was born in New Lisbon, NY on the Perry Farm one note states. I always thought it was the Lull Farm, but they may both be the same place. I know where it is between New Lisbon and Morris, but that's about it. If anyone knows, please send me a note. His parents were Frank C. and Leona (Brooks) Boice. Frank was born at Tacoma in Delaware County and Leona was a descendent of the Brooks family in Morris.

His parents were married in January 1909 and had 4 children. Mary (and yes, she is the Mary Boice Gale of much of this blog's collection) was born December 1909, Hiram October 1911, Arthur February 1913, and Zeland was born June 1915. I'm not sure when they moved to the farm in Garrattsville, but that is the only place I remember visiting. I recall many visits there during my childhood. I learned to ride bicycle on that dirt road, and sleighing approximately a mile from the farm downhill on the dirt road nearly to the Norman Water's farm always keeping our ear out for any oncoming vehicles. And then walking back up. No lack of exercise for kids those days.

Dad helped his family with maple syrup time. We would go to the woods to gather the sap with a horse drawn sleigh containing a big tub. We went to each tapped tree and carried the sap back to the sleigh to empty it. After that, there were the many hours of boiling the sap down into syrup. I recall the sap house contained a large pan over an enclosed pit where wood was burned. That must have taken a huge amount of wood. Syrup over snow was one goody we got to eat as well as Grandma's maple sugar candy, and who could forget her maple syrup frosting on cakes.

Dad also helped his family during haying time. They forked up those big fork fulls of loose hay onto the hayrack drawn behind Grandpa's ever beautiful teams of horses. I also recall snakes occasionally dropping down out of those loads of hay and I have a terrible fear of snakes. After haying time came threshing time for the oat crop. The horses had to have oats. I remember that old thresher being run by some humungous very loud puffing engine with a long belt.

Grandpa grew a huge field of potatoes which they sold as a cash crop. Our family never lacked for potatoes for food. Only as an adult in my 20s did I realize all people didn't eat potato meals twice a day. I'm sure Dad helped plant the potatoes although I don't recall that. I do remember the fall digging and pick up time with burlap sacks all along the rows filled with potatoes. A lot of those went into their cellar for hours of sorting.

Another fall season time, I recall helping with a roundup of heifers that had been put out to pasture in the spring. They roamed through field and woods over a large acreage of land once known as the Bell farm. Remembering that experience on foot was as close to rounding up wild cattle as I care to get. I remember a great deal of running to head them to the home farm.

Needless to say, Grandma and any other women folks present, like Mom, were busy preparing a big family meal for very hungry farm workers. Their table was so large it took up most of the kitchen along with the wood cook stove. There was a pantry off the kitchen for storage of food and some of the preparation. They never had running water or electricity even up to 1950. There was a spring house near the house where some things were kept cool including the metal cans of milk from the cows as this was a working dairy farm also. The house is still there and lived in, but many of the out buildings are now gone including the cow barn. Other buildings I remember were the ice house full of saw dust to keep the ice for the house 'ice box' (previous to refrigerators), the horse barn, garage, granary, chicken house, the wood shed by the house, and later a milk house down by the barn, and need I mention the necessary two holer. Gads, that was cold in winter and stunk in summer.

This would seem to be more a bio of my grandparents, but as you can see Dad was big on helping his parents so it was part of his life. And these visits were after he had handled 100 lb bags of feed all day at his job at feed stores in Edmeston. First at the Talbot feed store and later at GLF. He delivered feed for GLF by truck also. I remember sometimes going with him on his delivery routes around Edmeston, West Burlington, Burlington Flats and many of the side roads to farms.

In the 1940s during WWII both Dad and Mom worked at the Scintilla plant in Sidney and Dad drove the bus from Edmeston known as The Bouncing Betsy.

Later, he worked for the Town of Edmeston plowing roads in winter in particular, and summer work as well. Somewhere in there my parents owned a truck when I was 3 years old and drew lime out of Oriskany Falls, NY.  Both Mom and Dad did that and hauled cattle as well.

We lived in Edmeston right on East Street which is now just down the street from the NY Central Insurance Company. And would you believe, in that 3 story barn that now is leaning sadly toward Wharton Creek, we had 6 cows, sometimes a pig, chickens on the right side on the second floor, and the third floor was the hay loft.   Ahhhh, the fun we had up there building tunnels with baled hay.  Can you imagine the GLF feed truck was also stored directly in from the road on the second floor?

One funny story regarding that truck was Dad driving down through Edmeston one morning headed for the feedstore with a Banty rooster clinging to the rack of the truck. His night's roosting must have been interrupted.

The cows were either pastured across the road or in a pasture near the Robinson house across from the now NY Central Insurance Co. The lane along the Wharton Creek to get them to pasture and back was a muddy affair. I lived barefoot much of the summer in those days and loved it. However, I recall slogging through that mud barefoot to bring the cows in for milking. Yuk. And considering the steepness of the bank in back of our house leading down to the Wharton Creek, the cows must have been part mountain goat. I recall a jersey as well as a guernsey cow named Spotty. They all moved to New Berlin with us in 1951 when my parents bought our farm there.

Dad was a very hard working man as you can see. In the evenings, after a hard days's work in the feed store and doing the chores at home including milking the cows by hand before going to work and after work,  he often dug holes for the waterworks by hand and dug graves by hand at the Union Cemetery at Edmeston. This was before back hoes, of course. What a god send those are.

Somewhere in between work, he found time for his fishing hobby which also supplemented his family with a healthy fish diet. Down in back of our house was the Wharton Creek as I've mentioned and he made a stone cul de sac to catch eels. They are too much like snakes to appeal to me, but I probably ate them. He would go to Crystal Lake aka Turtle Lake and what else, bring home turtles to eat. Yes, that is good eating, but I never would kill one now to eat. And I dodge them in the road so they hopefully will make it across to live another day.

He would go to Schuyler Lake aka Canadarago Lake for suckers. Those are good eating too, but you better take it slow and pick out all those bones. Other places I remember waiting and waiting for him on fishing evenings were at Lumen's Pond near his parent's home in Garrattsville and Hoboken Pond near Pittsfield. Bullheads in particular came from the ponds. Both ponds are now filled in by nature. A stream still flows through Hoboken Pond and over what is left of the old dam. I have some photos of that which I will post along the line.

Most of all, he loved to trout fish and no trout that I've come across in recent years can compare to the taste of the brook trout Dad caught. The Butternut Creek in the Butternut Valley of his youth was one of his favorite streams. His type of trout fishing rarely included sitting on the bank waiting for the big one. We would drop him off upstream somewhere and meet him downstream. I hope I had a good book to read during those hours of waiting for him to show up with a basket of trout. I'm sure my 2 brothers and I slept many an evening in the backseat.

Another small stream in Edmeston just above Union Cemetery also was his fishing grounds. After moving to New Berlin, he fished the stream that flowed near our farm at Five Corners. When I helped write his bio for his funeral, I recall mentioning our bathtub was sometimes full of bullheads.

I will write more another time. He would have enjoyed hearing this as he was a great story teller. And just maybe he is looking over my shoulder nudging my memory as I write this. He died 16 years ago today at age 83. I love you Dad.

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Bissell, Mary Phillips 1833-1902

Bissell, Mary Phillips 1833-1902


Mrs. Mary M., wife of Edwin A. Bissell, recently of Oneonta, who has been spending some time at the home of her son, Joseph W. Bissell, in the south-eastern part of Burlington, near the Patent post office, died Sunday afternoon, without a moment's warning at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Telfer, who reside in the same neighborhood. Mrs. Bissell had called for a short visit and was at the time deemed to be in her usual health. Coroner Bishop of Garrattsville, was at once notified and on arriving at the house and making examination pronounced death due to heart disease. Mrs. Bissell was past 70 years of age, and besides the husband leaves two sons and one sister surviving her; One son, Fredrick Bissell, of Scranton, and Joseph W. above named, and the sister, Mrs. Zina Doolittle, of this place. She was the youngest sister of the late Barney H. and Frederick Philips of this town, children of Mr. and Mrs. John Philips, long since deceased. The funeral of Mrs. Bissell was held on Tuesday at the home of her son, J. W. Bissell, conducted by the Rev. H. H. Fisher; interment in the family plot at this place.

Another obituary with this one gives only slightly more information and different spellings of Phillips. Her son was Jasper W. Bissell, not Joseph as mentioned above.

Her Find a Grave Memorial denotes these facts. Her husband was Edwin Augustus Bissell 1833-1914.

Mary A. Bissell

Hartwick, June 30--(Special)---Mary A., wife of Edwin A. Bissell, died very suddenly yesterday, Sunday, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Telfer, in the east part of New Lisbon. Mr. and Mrs. Bissell were residing just over the town line of Burlington with their son, Jasper W. Bissell, who is a son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Telfer, where Mrs. Bissell was making a short visit at the time of her death. They were engaged in clearing off the table, when it was discovered that Mrs. Bissell was staggering. They immediately took hold of her and laid her down when she at once, expired.
Coroner Bishop was notified. Death was doubtless due to heart disease. Mrs. Bissell was about 70 years of age. The funeral will occur Tuesday, with interment at this place. She leaves, beside her husband, two sons, Frederick Bissell of Scranton, Pa. and Jasper W. , above mentioned, all of whom have the sympathy of the community in this, their sudden bereavement. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Phillips, deceased, and youngest sister of the late Barney H. and Frederick Phillips. One sister.

Bissell, Ora N. Telfer 1875-1967 Garrattsville, NY

Will and Ora Telfer Bissell
Ora, Will, and Harry Bissell

Obituary for
Bissell, Ora N. Telfer 1875-1967

Mrs. Ora N. Bissell
GARRATTSVILLE----Mrs. Ora N. Bissell, 91, died Friday in Ratcliffe Rest Home, Laurens, where she had been a patient about 6 months.
Funeral services will be at 2 p.m. Monday in the United Presbyterian Church, Garrattsville, with the Rev. Roger Beach, pastor, officiating.
Burial will be in Hartwick Cemetery.
She was born Dec. 13, 1875, in the Town of New Lisbon, a daughter of Andrew and Lucia (Jackson) Telfer. She was married to Jasper W. Bissell of the Town of Burlington on Dec. 19, 1893. He died August 6, 1951.
She was a member of the United Presbyterian Church and had lived in Garrattsville about 41 years, previously in the Town of Burlington.
Surviving are a son, Harry F., and a grandson, Lynn H., both of Garrattsville; a brother, Andrew Telfer of Hartwick; several cousins; and a niece.
Friends may call at the Patterson Funeral Home, Hartwick, Sunday afternoon and night. From the Oneonta Star Sat., May 13, 1967

A newspaper clipping:
In rest home: 1966
GARRATTSVILLE---Mrs. Ora Bissell was taken by the Edmeston ambulance to the Ratcliffe Rest Home, Laurens. Mrs. Bissell will celebrate her 91st birthday Tuesday, December 13. Birthday cards would be appreciated.

The Hartwick Cemetery lists some Bissells including Ora and her husband. 

Brooks, Carrie Makley 1880-1959 Sidney, NY

Brooks, Carrie Makley 1880-1959 Sidney, NY

Mrs. Carrie Brooks

SIDNEY---Mrs. Carrie Brooks, 78, lifetime Sidney resident, died Saturday night in her home, 26 Riverside, after a long illness.
Private funeral services will be at 2 p. m. Tuesday in the C. H. Landers Chapel, Sidney. The Rev. Roger B. Glazier, Sidney Methodist pastor, will officiate. Burial will be in Prospect Hill Cemetery, Sidney.
Mrs. Brooks was born in Sidney on Nov. 7, 1880, daughter of James and Lillian (Wright) Makley. She was married to George Brooks in Sidney on June 15, 1896. He died July 13, 1958. She was a member of Sidney Methodist Church.
Surviving are three sons, Earl of Walton; Charles and James at home; a daughter, Mrs. Alton Sutherland, Sidney; six grandchildren, eight great grandchildren, and two great great grandchildren.
Friends may call at the C. H. Landers Chapel from 7:30 to 9 p. m. Monday.

Brooks, Emma Peet 1856-1929 Unadilla,NY

Brooks, Emma Peet 1856-1929

Mrs. Irving Brooks Dies at
Unadilla Following Illness

Esteemed Resident There Had Been Ill
Several Months With Kidney and
Heart disease---Funeral Thursday

Unadilla, Dec. 31---Mrs. Emma (Peet) Brooks, wife of Irving W. Brooks, passed away at 9:45 a.m. this morning after several months illness of kidney trouble and heart disease. The funeral services will, following a prayer at the home for the family and relatives at 1:30 o'clock Thursday afternoon, be held at the Methodist Episcopal church at 2 o'clock, Rev. Frank R. James officiating. Interment will be made in Evergreen Hill cemetery.
Mrs. Brooks was born at Edmeston May 23, 1856, the daughter of Silas and Amelia Peet. She is survived by her husband, two sons, Guy W. Brooks of Buffalo, and Hugh P. Brooks of Scotia, one grandson, Donald Brooks of Scotia, one brother, Albert Peet of Edmeston, one sister, Mrs. H. A. Dresser of New Hartford, and several nieces and nephews. They will have the sympathy of many friends.
Mrs. Brooks was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church and Sunday school and of Freedom chapter, Order of the Eastern Star. She was a loyal devoted and a faithful worker, in each and never failed to attend the services of the church, and Sunday school as long as health would permit. Her loyalty to the Eastern Star was as true as to the church. She believed in the teachings of these and lived faithful to their ideals.

Emma A. Peet Brooks  Find A Grave Memorial at Evergreen Cemetery at Unadilla, Otsego Co., NY

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Photos of Raymond Badger's parents Sprague and Ida Bell

 Parents of Raymond Herrick Badger:

Sprague Badger

 Ida Bell (Herrick) Badger

WWI HONORED FOR BRAVERY Raymond Badger, Gilbertsville, NY


Editor of the Journal: By your courtesy may I pay my tribute of respect and honor to Raymond Badger, who has honored us all by his record as a soldier on the battlefields of France? In times of peace and in the common round of daily life we do not suspect that many of our fellow citizens are true heroes, capable of great deeds of daring and self-sacrifice. Unusual occasions, like fire or flood or tornado, or war are a trumpet call to the front of these hidden qualities. Who would have prophesied before the war that our boy, Raymond, would come back from the other side of the world wearing decorations for distinguished efficiency and bravery on the battlefields, which for centuries will be memorable in history?

Raymond was a Corporal, in time of action, an Orderly. The names suggest little of the glory of war, but when the battle is on the names become instantly electric. The Orderly is at once a central nerve in the terrific action. He must convey messages back and forth between headquarters and the front. Any failure here may mean disaster to the entire army. The enemy accordingly concentrates upon the messenger, this most deadly fire and strategy of capture. They know that he is the bearer of precious secrets. Few positions in the ranks demand such coolness, swiftness and daring. That order must be delivered though death stand in the way. In such a service as this the qualities which we never suspected in our modest, unassuming Gilbertsville boy came to leadership. The soldier in him answered the call of duty with such steadiness, adriotness and courage that he became a marked man among his commanding officers. By distinguished efficiency and valor he won his honors in the most exacting and dangerous service. In his office as Corporal his duties were discharged with such thoroughness and accuracy as to win the most cordial approval of all whom he served.

We, citizens of Gilbertsville, honor ourselves in doing honor to one who has proved himself so worth a type of the American soldier.
James H. Ecob.

Addendum:  Raymond's WWI  Draft Registration: from Chenango County, NY.   He would have been 21 years old:  
WWI Draft Registration--Short, slender, blue eyes, brown hair. Lived on Conkey Ave, Norwich, NY.   Employed at Borden's Condensed Milk Plant. 
According to my bio of Raymond, he is buried in Celina, Ohio.  His father was Sprague Badger and his mother was Ida Bell (Herrick) Badger.  She was my Great Grandmother's sister.  His parents have Find A Grave memorials at Brookside Cemetery, Gilbertsville, Otsego County, NY
 His Mother's Find a Grave Memorial:

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Brooks, Fay F. 1906-1970 Unadilla, NY

Brooks, Fay F. 1906-1970 Unadilla, NY

Fay   F.  Brooks

UNADILLA---Fay F Brooks, 64, of Ontio Heights, Unadilla, died unexpectedly Monday, June 22, at his home.
Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday, June 25 at the Joyce Funeral Home in Unadilla with the Rev. George Youngs, and the Rev. Clifford Webb officiating.
Burial will be in Evergreen Hills Cemetery, Unadilla.
Mr. Brooks was born February 9, 1906 in Bells, Tenn., the son of George B. and Leona Foote Brooks. He married Nina Wilson in Unadilla on December 23, 1955.
He was a lifetime resident of Unadilla, where he was the owner and operator of Brooks Machine Products.
Surviving besides his wife are; a daughter, Mrs. Carl Terpenning, Bloomington, Indiana; a son, Walter E. Brooks, Cincinnati, Ohio; a brother, George Brooks, Unadilla, and several nieces and nephews.
Friends may call at their convenience. The family will be in attendance Wednesday evening at the funeral home.

Brooks, Huldah M. Brewer 1893-1973 Unadilla, NY

Brooks, Huldah M. Brewer 1893-1973 Unadilla, NY

Mrs. Huldah Brooks

UNADILLA---Mrs. Huldah M. Brooks, 80, of 34 Clinton St., Unadilla, a native of Maury City, Tenn. died Friday, Nov. 9, at The Hospital, Sidney, after an extended illness.
She was born May 20, 1893, in Maury City, Tenn., a daughter of Nathaniel and Malisa (Scarborough) Brewer. She was married to George M. Brooks in 1929 at Bells, Tenn.
She was a member of the Unadilla United Methodist Church.
Surviving are her husband; a daughter, Mrs. Frances Cassidy, Philadelphia, Pa.; a son, Hershal Emerson, Painted Post; a step-daughter, Mrs. Martha Gale, Sidney; two step-sons, George Brooks, Pittsford, N. Y., and Benjamin Brooks, Peekskill; two brothers, John Brewer, Warren, Mich., and Martin Brewer, Oregon; a sister, Mrs. Maie Green, El Paso, Texas; nine grandchildren; six great-grandchildren; and nieces, nephews and cousins.
Funeral and committal services were held at 2 p.m., Monday, Nov. 12, at the Joyce Funeral Home, Unadilla, with the Rev. Robert H. Darling, pastor of the Unadilla United Methodist Church, officiating.
Burial will be in Evergreen Hill Cemetery, Unadilla.

Brooks, Huldah M. Brewer 1973 Funeral Notice

BROOKS---Mrs. Huldah M. 80 of 34 Clinton Street, Unadilla died Fri., Nov. 9 at The Hospital. Funeral and committal services will be at 2 p.m. Mon. Nov. 12 in Joyce Funeral Home, Unadilla. Burial in Evergreen Hill Cemetery, Unadilla. Friends may call at their convenience.

Brooks, Leona Foote 1859-1923 Undadilla, NY

Brooks, Leona Foote 1859-1923 Unadilla, NY

Mrs. George Benjamin Brooks

Leona Foote, wife of George B. Brooks died at their home on Martin Brook street, Thursday, December 13, having been in poor health for nearly a year.
Mrs. Brooks was born on July 27, 1859 in the town of New Lisbon,
N. Y. and married on January 1, 1877 living most of her life in this county except for 17 years spent in Tennessee.
She is survived by her husband and five children Leon R. Brooks, Lenox, Iowa, George M. Brooks, Bells, Tenn. and Mrs. F. J. VanCott, Mrs. Stanley L. Root and Fay F. Brooks of Unadilla.
All were in attendance at the funeral and the two sons were attempting to reach her bedside but she was taken suddenly with neuraligia of the heart, the son from Tennessee not learning of her death until reaching here.
The funeral services were held from the late home on Monday, Rev. W. C. Dodge of Oneonta, N. Y., and Rev. W. E. Elwood officiating. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery.
Mrs. Brooks was an exemplary woman and dearly loved by neighbors and friends and the expressions made by those who knew her, were comforting to the bereaved family. She had been a member of the Methodist church for forty-seven years and had been a faithful Christian woman and the loss from the church is deeply felt.

Published in the Unadilla newspaper.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The older citizens of Bells, who remember her so kindly, were grieved to hear of the death of Mrs. Geo. B. Brooks, at her home in Unadilla, New York, last Thursday. Her son George, left Thursday night but did not get there before her death. Mrs. Brooks was a most lovable, Christian character, and irreparable is the loss to her husband, children and grand-children. Dear heart-stricken friends, the Sentinel bears to you the tears of genuine sympathy from your Southern friends who learned to love your devoted wife and mother during your residence in Bells. To her noble son, our enterprising fellow-citizen, George M. Brooks, we especially extend the community's sympathy.

Brooks, Renee Iola Jackson 1860-1904

Pictured with her gravestone  are her gr gr grandchildren:
Paul and Susan,
children of Donna

  Renee Iola Jackson 1860-1904

  Mrs. Renee Iola Jackson Brooks

Mrs. Renee Jackson Brooks died last Tuesday morning at the home of Andrew Telfer, after a long and painful illness, of cancer. The had experienced much trouble and sorrow during her life and last years has been full of suffering, when quite young she was married to Charles Brooks, of New Lisbon, where they lived several years.
Three children were born to them, two dying in infancy. Mr. and Mrs. Brooks separated several years ago. The one daughter, Ona, going with her mother. Besides the daughter, one sister and four brothers are left to mourn her departure. They are Mrs. Andrew Telfer, of the town of Hartwick, Amasa Jackson of Garrattsville, Charles and Lyman of Welcome and Arthur of Cooperstown.
The funeral was held of Thursday at Andrew Telfer's. Rev. Mr. Tinker of Welcome officiating. Interment at Morris.

Renee Jackson Brooks

Mrs. Renee Brooks died the forepart of last week at her sister's Mrs. Andrew Telfer. She had been sick a long time. She was buried in Hillington Cemetery at Morris. She leaves three brothers, one sister and one daughter Leona Elizabeth Brooks, to mourn her loss, namely Amasa A. Jackson, Lyman Jackson, Arthur Jackson, Mrs. Andrew Telfer and daughter Miss Leona Brooks.


Mrs. Rena Brooks, who has been a sufferer for a long time from a complications of diseases, died one day last week at the home of her sister, Mrs. Andrew Telfer. Interment was at Morris.

The above three articles were typed, and apparently transcribed from newspaper clippings. Renee was my great grandmother. She was born May 13, 1860 at New Lisbon to James J. and Elizabeth Ann Duroe Jackson, one of 8 children. She died Nov. 8, 1904 of cancer at New Lisbon, Otsego Co, NY. She was married to Charles Melvin Brooks Aug. 1, 1883 and later divorced. She is buried at Harmony Cemetery, not Hillington. She is listed on and there is a Find a Grave Memorial for her with a photos at Harmony Cemetery, Otsego County, NY.

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Brooks, William Riley 1806-1888 Morris, NY

Brooks, William Riley 1806-1888 Morris, NY

Wm. R. Brooks

Mr. Brooks was born May 28th, 1806, and died Sept. 5th, 1888: He was one of our oldest inhabitants, having resided in Morris nearly all his long life. He was a man much respected by his fellow townsmen. In active life a farmer, prompt and reliable in his dealings, liberal and benevolent to the wants of charity. He was a member of the Episcopal church, from which his funeral was attended at three o'clock last Friday afternoon. He has one son, E. H. Brooks of Carroll, Iowa, and several grandchildren, among them are C. M. Brooks of New Lisbon, and Edwin A. Brooks of Morris, who survive him. His remains were buried in the old church cemetery. The remains of Mr. Brooks were taken to Zion church Friday at 9 A.M. Where they lay in state until the time of the funeral and were viewed by many citizens.

Addendum:   William R. Brooks was my third great grandfather.
 William Riley Brooks was born to Capt. Lemuel Brooks 1759-1856 and Amelia or Melia Blakeslee 1764-1831 in New Haven, Connecticut.
His wife Hannah Cruttenden, was born 1809 and died on a trip to Iowa in 1867 probably to visit their son mentioned as E. H. Brooks. Hannah was
a daughter of Daniel Cruttenden an early settler of Morris. He donated the land for the original Zion church and no doubt the land where Harmony Cemetery is now.
The son in Carroll, Iowa would have been Erastus Henry Brooks. The
grandchildren would be Charles Melvin Brooks and his brother Edwin A. Brooks.  I think the obituary may be incorrect regarding Edwin as he died
in 1864 at age 25.  This is on his tombstone. 
There are several generations of the Brooks family buried at Harmony and Hillington Cemetery.
 All have Find A Grave memorials.  The county to search would be Otsego County.

Chase, Howard 1914-1957 New Berlin, NY

Chase, Howard 1914-1957 New Berlin, NY

Howard Chase

NEW BERLIN--- Howard Chase, 43, of Fly Creek, a sawmill worker for the Otsego Forest Products Co., died while at work at the mill near Cooperstown February 6. He suffered a heart attack.
Funeral will be held at 2 p. m. Tuesday at Dakin Funeral Home, New Berlin. The Rev. Herbert Miller, Fly Creek, will officiate. Burial will be in Fairview Cemetery, New Berlin.
He was born Aug. 2, 1914, in New Lisbon, son of Luman and Edna (Ashley) Chase. On Aug. 31, 1946, he married Gladys Boice.
Surviving, besides his wife, are six children, Mary Jane, Gladys Marie, Frederick Howard, Edward Robert and twins, Donald Lee and Ronald Lee, all at home; a sister, Mrs. Eva Fenton, Oneonta; three brothers, Norman of Schuyler Lake, Leon of New Berlin, and Claude of Florida.
Friends may call at the funeral home at their convenience.

Collier, Lewis E. 1889-1962 New Lisbon, NY

Collier, Lewis E. 1889-1962 New Lisbon, NY

Lewis E. Collier

NEW LISBON---Lewis E Collier, 72, died shortly after midnight, Saturday, March 10, at Fox Hospital, shortly after being admitted. He died from a severe heart attack.
The funeral will be held at 2 p. m. Tuesday, March 13, at the Sloan Funeral Home, Morris. The Rev. William J. Matthers, rector of Zion Episcopal Church will officiate.
Burial will be later in Hillington Cemetery.
Mr. Collier was born in the Town of Morris, Sept. 29, 1889, son of Burton and Mary (Baughn) Collier. He was a farmer, and lived in Morris and New Lisbon. He married Miss Jenny Swain in Morris Aug., 1912. She resides in Binghamton.
He is survived by no near relatives. Friends may call after 1 p. m. Monday.
(The Otsego Farmer; Cooperstown, NY; 11 Aug 1911 pg 4 col 3.)


Married at the Methodist Episcopal parsonage at Morris, August 8th by the Rev. E. D. Cook, Lewis E Collier and Miss Jennie M. Swaine, both of that town.
---Our Morris Reporter

(Source: The Otsego Farmer; Cooperstown, NY; 15 Mar 1962 pg 7 col 6)


Lewis E Collier, aged 72, of New Lisbon, died Saturday, March 10, at Fox Memorial Hospital in Oneonta, shortly after being admitted following a heart-attack.

Fletcher, Florence Carleton 1903-1967 Oneonta, NY

Fletcher, Florence Carleton 1903-1967 Oneonta, NY

Mrs. Florence Fletcher

Mrs. Florence Carleton Fletcher, 63, of 11 Hill Place in Oneonta, died Tuesday in Fox Hospital where she had been a patient about 10 weeks.
Funeral services will be at 1:30 p. m. Friday, March 10 in the Bookhout Funeral Home. The Rev. David P. Wambaugh Jr., pastor of main Street Baptist Church, will officiate.
Burial will be at a later date in Hillington Cemetery, Morris.
She was born May 28, 1903 in New Lisbon, daughter of Andrew and Ethel (Thurston) Carleton. She was married to Clarence D. Fletcher Jan. 22, 1956 in the Hurleyville Methodist Church.
A graduate of Morris High School and Morris training class, she worked at Scintilla in Sidney and for Sears-Roebuck in Oneonta where she resided the last 20 years. She was a member of the Methodist Church.
She is survived by her husband; a step-daughter, Mrs. George (Virginia) Downing of Vicksburg, Miss.; two stepsons, Clarence Fletcher of Sauquoit and Donald Fletcher of Oneonta; two sisters, Mrs. Mina Rose of Edmeston and Mrs. Fannie Wood of Hurleyville; five grandchildren and several cousins.
Friends may call at the Bookhout Funeral Home at their convenience until service time. The family will be in attendance from 7:30 until 9 p.m. Thursday.

Addendum: Died March 7, 1967. Transcribed from the Mary Boice Gale

George, A. Leroy 1904-1972 New Lisbon, NY

George, A. Leroy 1904-1972 New Lisbon, NY


A. Leroy George, 67, of New Lisbon died suddenly Wednesday, June 28 at Fox memorial Hospital, Oneonta.
Funeral services were held Friday, June 30 from the Johnson Funeral Home, Morris. Rev. Wagner Beach, pastor from Gilbertsville, and Rev. Peter Willis, summer pastor of the Morris United Methodist Church, officiated.
Burial was made in Edmeston Union Cemetery.
Mr. George was born Sept. 10, 1904 in New Lisbon, the son of Levi C. George and May Southworth. He married Jan. 28, 1929 in Morris to Emily Smith.
His childhood was spent in New Lisbon and he attended New Lisbon schools. He was a farmer in New Lisbon.
He was a Justice of the Peace and Councilman of the Town of New Lisbon. He was the past master and member of the Tienuderrah Lodge 605, Hillington Chapter Free and Accepted Masons; and a member of the Royal Arch Masons.
Mr. George was a past master of the Louisville Grange and a member of the Garrattsville United Methodist Church.
He is survived by his wife, Emily; his mother, May George, New Lisbon; one daughter, Mrs. Robert (Anita) Carr of Boulder, Colo.; two sisters, Harriet Robinson of Delhi and Martha Harrington of Garrattsville; three brothers, Dr. E. Clark George and Robert A. George, both of Garrattsville; and Myron George of New Lisbon; two grandchildren; several nephews and nieces.

Hall, Annie M. 1879-1969 Garrattsville, NY

Hall, Annie M. Hampson 1879-1969 Garrattsville, NY

Mrs. Annie M. Hall

GARRATTSVILLE---Mrs. Annie M. Hall, 89, of Garrattsville, a former resident of Cooperstown, died Saturday, May 3, at Nursing Home Unit of Fox Hospital following an extended illness.
Funeral services will be at 2 p.m., Tuesday, May 6, at the Garrattsville United Presbyterain Church, with the Rev. Roger Beach, pastor, and the Rev. Harold Saxton, pastor of the Edmeston United Methodist Church, officiating.
Burial will be in Hartwick Seminary Cemetery.
Mrs. Hall was born Nov. 5, 1879 in Hartwick Seminary, a daughter of Thomas and Louise (Blanchard) Hampson. She was married to James Hall on Nov. 8, 1899 in New Lisbon. Mr. Hall, a former Otsego County treasurer, died in 1943.
She had lived at Garratttsville for a number of years and was a former resident of Cooperstown.
She was a member of the Garrattsville United Presbyterian Church; Cooperstown; a past president of the Otsego Presbyterian Society and had served as Tax collector of the Town of New Lisbon for several years.
Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Charlotte Lettis, Oneonta, and Mrs. Edith Harris, Holcomb; a granddaughter, Miss Sally Wright, Garrattsville; two grandsons, James F. Lettis, Oneonta, and Donald R. Lettis, Hingham, Mass. and seven great grandchildren.
Friends my call from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p. m., Monday at the Houk-Johnston Funeral Home, Edmeston.
The family will be in attendance from 7 to 9 p. m. Monday.

Pardee, Henry S. 1908-1975 Sidney, NY

Pardee, Henry S. 1908-1975 Sidney, NY

Henry S. Pardee

SIDNEY---Henry S. Pardee, 67, of 26 Liberty St., Sidney, and Idumea Road, Unadilla, a retired Sidney businessman, died unexpectedly Tuesday, Dec. 2, at The Hospital, Sidney.
He was born July 13, 1908 in New Berlin, a son of Fred and Irene (Matteson) Pardee. He married Anne Esposito.
Mr. Pardee owned and operated a stationery store and insurance agency in Sidney from 1945 until his retirement in 1962.
He was a graduate of the Oxford School of Business, Cambridge, Mass. He has been secretary of the New York State Bird Dogs Trail Association for several years.
Surviving are his wife, a daughter, Mrs. Susan McCurdy, Baltimore, Md.; a son, John H. Pardee, Sidney; two brothers, Sidney Pardee and
C. Fred Pardee, New Berlin; a sister, Mrs. Ellen Kaul, New Berlin; a nephew, and several nieces.
Funeral services will be at the C. H. Landers Chapel, Sidney, at 2 p.m., Friday, with the Rev. William Bartz, Unadilla, officiating.
Burial will be in Prospect Hill Cemetery, Sidney.
Friends may call at the funeral home at their convenience Thursday.
The family will be in attendance from 7 to 9 p.m., Thursday.

Perkins, Louis G. 1909-1975 New Berlin, NY

Perkins, Louis G. 1909-1975 New Berlin, NY

Louis G. Perkins

NEW BERLIN---Louis Gregory Perkins, 66, of New Berlin, died Thursday, December 4, at Fox Hospital after a long illness.
He was born Jan. 16, 1909, in the Town of Morris, son of Harry and Jennie (Gregory) Perkins.
He was married Feb. 13, 1960, to Olive Grover Utter.
He was a retired dairy farmer and contractor. He was a member of the First Baptist Church, New Berlin.
He is survived by his wife, at home; a daughter, Mrs. Thurston (Patricia) Van Loan of Walton; two stepsons, Weston Utter of Asheville, N.C., and Dale Utter of Roebuck, S.C.; four step daughters, Mrs. Clayton (Elma) Walling of South New Berlin, Mrs. Harry (Karen) Colvin and Mrs. Benny (Lorraine) Register, both of Deland, Fla., and Mrs. Linda Lou Padgett of Jacksonville, Fla.; two sisters, Mrs. Howard (Bertha) Whitacre of West Edmeston and Mrs. George (Margery) Tobey of Gilbertsville; 16 grandchildren, several nieces and nephews also survive.
Funeral services will be at 2 p. m. Saturday at the Dakin Funeral Home, New Berlin, with the Rev. Donald L. Aubrey, pastor of the first Baptist Church of New Berlin, officiating.
Burial will be in St. Andrews' Cemetery, New Berlin.
Friends may call at the funeral home Friday from 2 to 4 p. m. And 7 to 9 p. m. The family will be in attendance from 7 to 9 p. m.

Renwick, John 1859-1934 Garrattsville, NY

Renwick, John 1859-1934 Garrattsville, NY



John Renwick passed away at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Garlock Wednesday afternoon, December 19th, 1934 after a long illness with Brights disease and heart trouble. He was born in Burlington, August 5th 1859, a son of William and Janet Davidson Renwick. He has been a resident of this town over 50 years. His wife who was Margaret Hume died several years ago. About two years ago he left his home on account of poor health and went to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Garlock who have cared for him. He was a member of the U. P. Church. His pastor, Rev. Richard Liston, officiated assisted by Rev. J. C. Calhoun at the funeral which was largely attended at his home here Saturday afternoon with burial in Butternut Valley Cemetery. The bearers were his twin brother George Renwick, Earl Merrill, Homer and Howard Potter, Silas Meade and Fred Simmons.
He is survived by the brother above mentioned and several nieces and nephews.

Addendum: His wife Margaret Hume died December 19, 1934 at Burlington and is also buried at Butternut Valley Cemetery.

His obituary was transcribed from a newspaper clipping in the Edmeston paper dated December 28, 1934 in the Mary Boice Gale collection.

Smith, Albert L. 1872-1960 Garrattsville, NY

Smith, Albert L. 1872-1960 Garrattsville, NY

Albert L. Smith

Old Time Wagon Maker Dies at 87

Albert L. Smith, 87, South Side, a retired Garrattsville blacksmith and wagon maker died Tuesday, April 4 at Fox Hospital where he had been a patient for two hours.
Funeral services will be at 2 p.m. Thursday, April 7 at the Bookhout Funeral Home with the Rev. Wilfred Lyon, pastor of the Garrattsville Methodist Church and the Rev. William Chamberlain, rector of the St. Matthew Episcopal Church of Unadilla, officiating. Burial will be in Union Cemetery, Edmeston.
Mr. Smith was born on April 20, 1872 in Lee, Mass.; a son of Henry and Harriet (Lyman) Smith. He married Nellie M. Adams in January1896. She died in 1940.
Mr. Smith maintained a blacksmith shop in Garrattsville until 1940. He made his home with his son, Floyd Smith on the South Side for about the past five months.
He spent most of his life in Garrattsville but later lived in Norwich, New Lisbon and Morris. He was a member of the Methodist Church in Garrattsville.
Surviving are two sons, Floyd and Harold W. Smith of Binghamton; a daughter, Mrs. Leroy George, New Lisbon; four grandchidlren and two great grandchildren and a nephew.
Friends may call at the Bookhout Funeral Home at their convenience until service time.

Addendum: Find elsewhere in my collection his daughter's marriage, and her husband A. Leroy George's obituary. There are Find A Grave memorials created for both at Union Cemetery, Edmeston, Otsego County.

Stickles, Lulu Strait 1904-1958 Garrattsville, NY

Stickles, Lulu Strait 1904-1958 Garrattsville, NY

Mrs. Lulu Stickles

GARRATTSVILLE---Mrs. Lulu Stickles, 54, longtime Garrattsville resident, died Thursday night in Bassett Hospital, Cooperstown, after a short illness.
Funeral services will be at 2 p.m. Sunday in the Houk-Johnston Funeral Home, Edmeston. The Rev. Wilfred Lyon, Garrattsville Methodist pastor, will officiate. Burial will be later in Edmeston Union Cemetery.
Mrs. Stickles was born Feb. 24, 1904, in the Town of New Lisbon, daughter of Adelbert and Kitty (Toombs) Strait. She was married to Herman Harrington, Feb. 14, 1928. He died in 1932.
Later, she was married to Emory H. Stickles on Sept. 17, 1938. He died Nov. 9, 1957. She was a member of the Garrattsville WSCS and the Burlington Grange.
Surviving are a sister, Mrs. Ada Stickles, Burlington Green; a nephew, Kearney Stickles, Burlington Green; an aunt, Mrs. Etta Strait, Cooperstown; an uncle, Howard LaBarr, Hartwick, and several cousins.
Friends may call at the Houk-Johnston Funeral Home at their convenience.

Sprague, George W. 1869- Morris, NY

Sprague, George W. 1869-

George W. Sprague

Morris, Oct. 31---George W. Sprague, prominent citizen of Grove street, brief mention of whose death was made in Wednesday's Star, was the only child of Charles and Sarah (Jenks) Sprague. He was born, September 21, 1869, in the town of Burlington on the Sprague homestead, where he spent his early boyhood.
When ready to enter High school, his father, Charles Sprague, came to Morris and purchased the property on Grove street, which has been in possession of the family since that time. There he and his parents resided until his graduation from the Morris High school in 1890, when they returned to their Burlington farm.
On May 11, 1892, Mr. Sprague married Miss Myrtle Chase of Pittsfield. To them were born, two children, Mrs. Florence Lennox of Delhi and C. Ora Sprague of Morris. In 1916, ill health caused Mr. Sprague to give up intensive farming. He again came to occupy his Morris property, where he spent the remainder of his life.
The deceased had long been intimately associated with the organization of the Republican party in the town and county, had been for many years a member of the Republican County committee and had held numerous town offices. He was president of the board of Education for a number of years; justice of the peace for a long period and at the time of his death was secretary of the local Dairymen's league.
Mr. Sprague had many friends, both old and young, all of whom extend sincere sympathy.
The funeral services, conducted by Rev. F. G. Leonard of the Universalist church of which the deceased had long been a member, will be held at the family home on Grove street Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment will be in the family plot in the new part of Hillington cemetery.
Immediate surviving relatives are the wife and two children; three step-grandchildren; Richard, Donald and Robert Campfield, and several cousins.

Talbut, Dr. Benjamin 1889-1973 Funeral Card

In Memory of

NOVEMBER 27, 1889

Date of Death
SEPTEMBER 30, 1973

Services From
3:00 P. M.


Final Resting Place

Funeral Conducted By
Houk-Johnston Funeral Home
30 South Street
Edmeston, New York

Telfer, Andrew, Jr. 1842-1926 New Lisbon, NY Photo and Obituary

Telfer, Andrew, Jr. 1842-1926


Andrew Telfer Dies Sunday After Brief Illness--
Funeral Tomorrow.

Hartwick, Jan. 11---Many friends of Andrew Telfer, Sr., a native of New Lisbon, and for the whole of his long life of 84 years a resident of that township, died at a little past midnight Monday morning after brief illness at his home about three miles west of the village of Hartwick. Death is understood to have been from heart disease, and he had been in ill health for several weeks. The Funeral services will be held Wednesday at 1:30 p. m. at his late home. Rev. Albert Loucks officiating, and interment will be in the Hartwick cemetery beside his wife, who was Lucia Jackson, and who died about seven years ago.
Mr. Telfer, who was of Scotch descent, his parents coming in the early part of the last century to America, and settling in New Lisbon, is survived by one daughter, Mrs. William Bissell of Burlington, and two sons, James G. Telfer, residing at home, and Andrew A. Telfer, Jr., of Hartwick; also by three grandchildren, Harry Bissell of Burlington and Erwina M. and Marie B. Telfer of Hartwick, and by a sister and brother, Mrs. Amelia Telfer at Hartwick and John Telfer, New Lisbon.
Mr. Telfer, who was a son of Andrew and Lillie (Young) Telfer, who was by occupation a farmer, was a man of upright character and fine attainments, who was well-known in the township and community where he resided, and to the immediate family general sympathy will in its bereavement be extended.

Addendum:  In the obituary above he is listed as Sr.  There are 3 Andrew Telfers.  I'm going to label this one as  Andrew Jr. and his father as Sr. 1801-1891. And Andrew Jr's son Andrew 1882-1968 as the 3rd.  
  Andrew Jr. married 
Lucia Ann Jackson, daughter of James J. and Elizabeth Duroe Jackson on March 8, 1871 at West Burlington, Otsego County, NY.  It was a double wedding.  Andrew's sister Mary Telfer married Elizabeth's brother Charles Jackson. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dr. Marshall Latcher, Oneonta Physician for 60 yrs.

Boice, Frank C. 1879-1953 Garrattsville, NY

Boice, Frank C. 1879-1953
Frank C. Boice
Garrattsville---Frank C. Boice, 74, retired farmer, of Garrattsville, died May 22, 1953, in Utica Memorial Hospital, after a long illness.
He was born in Tacoma on Mar. 8, 1879, son of Hiram and Mary Herrick Boice. He was a direct descendant of Hiram Knickerbocker Boice. He married Leona E. Brooks of New Lisbon on Feb. 21, 1909.
Surviving are his wife, a daughter, Mrs. Edward F. Gale, Utica; three sons, Hiram of Sherburne, Arthur of New Berlin, and Zeland of Garrattsville; six grandchildren, and a sister, Mrs. Howard W. Smith, Unadilla.
The funeral will be at 2 p. m. Tuesday in the Methodist Church at Garrattsville, the Rev. Kenneth Gombert, pastor, officiating. Gurial will be in Hillington Cememtery, Morris.
Printed in the Utica Observer-Dispatch May 23, 1953

Addendum: His father was actually Hiram Knickerbocker Boice, so that is correct, but otherwise, as written it doesn't make sense.  He is a direct descendent of the NY Knickerbocker family near Albany, as are all people with the name of Knickerbocker in their family.   Added by Donna Boice Davenport,  granddaughter of Frank C. Boice.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bunn, Harriet Hickling 1904-1960 Garrattsville Obituary

Bunn, Harriet Hickling 1904-1960

Mrs. Harriet Bunn

GARRATTSVILLE----Mrs. Harriet Bunn, 56, of Garrattsville, died at her home Friday morning, April 22.
Funeral services will be at 2 p.m. Monday, April 25, in the United Presbyterian Church, Garrattsville, with the Rev. Roger Beach, pastor, officiating. He will be assisted by the Rev. Wilfred Lyon of the Garrattsville Methodist Church.
Mrs. Bunn was born Feb. 13, 1904, in the Town of New Lisbon, a daughter of Clarence and Bessie (Jackson) Hickling. On Nov. 23, 1923, she married Harry Bunn of the Town of New Lisbon. She had spent
most of her life in that area.
Mrs. Bunn was a member of the former Baptist Church at Welcome and attended the United Presbyterian Church. She was a member of the WO of the church and a member of the Garrattsville Home Extension Service.
Surviving besides her husband are four children, Richard of Burlington Flats, Vernon of Utica, Francis of Hartwick, and James at home; six grandchildren; a brother, Clesson Hickling, Garrattsville; an uncle, Willis Jackson, Garrattsville, and several cousins.
Friends may call at the Patterson Funeral Home, Hartwick, after 2 p.m. On Saturday. The family will be in attendance at the funeral home from 7 p.m. To 9 p.m. On Sunday.

Addendum: Harriet's mother was Elizabeth Ann Jackson, daughter of Amasa Jackson 1842-1923 and Isabelle A. ManWaring 1856-1930.

Card, Charles 1865-1936 New Lisbon

Card, Charles 1865-1936

Card Funeral Rites Will Be Held Today

New Lisbon, Feb. 4---Charles Card, a resident of New Lisbon for nearly 35 years, died suddenly Sunday night at 6:30 at the Parshall hospital at Oneonta, where he was taken that afternoon. Although he had been subject to heart attack for a number of years, he was able to be around until about a week ago when he seemed to have a slight cold. Sunday morning he was taken worse and that afternoon entered the hospital. Shortly after arriving there, he suffered a severe heart attack and expired immediately.
The funeral will be held Wednesday afternoon at 1 o'clock in the Episcopal church at Morris. Rev. L. Curtis Denny will officiate. The body will be placed in the vault for interment later in Hillington cemetery.
Charles Card was born in the town of Pittsfield July 22, 1865, the youngest son of Stephen and Alida (Wickham) Card. August 11, 1885, he married Carrie Zoller of New Lisbon. The first few years of their married life they resided at West Laurens. About 35 years ago they moved to New Lisbon where they resided until after the death of Mrs. Card, who died March 17, 1924. For the past two years he had made his home with his niece, Mrs. Ida Harrington, at Garrattsville.
Surviving are one son, Lewis Card of Morris, operator of the Morris Central Telephone office, an adopted daughter, Mrs. Mildred Rogers of North Pharsalia; a half sister, Mrs. George Weatherley of Morris; a nephew, Lynn Card of Binghamton; and several cousins.

Carr, Eva C. Talbut 1881-1948 Hartwick Obituary

Carr, Eva C. Talbut 1881-1948

Mrs. Eva C. Carr, Retired School Teacher, Dies

Hartwick---Eva C. Carr died at 12:30 a. m. Monday in Leonardsville after a short illness. Funeral will be held at 2 p. m. Thursday in Leonardsville at the home of Mrs. Ebenezer C. Talbot, a sister with whom she had lived for 18 years. Burial will be in Hartwick Cemetery.
Eva Talbut Carr, the daughter of Dorrence C. and Mary (Mack) Talbut, was born June 25, 1881, on a farm in the town of New Lisbon. She was graduated from Cooperstown High School teachers training class in 1900, and later took exension courses at Toledo, Ohio University and Syracuse University.
Early in her teaching career she and her sister, Mrs. G. M. Augur of Hartwick, were appointed English teachers in San Juan, Porto Rico. Mrs. Carr also taught 13 years in the primary department of Hartwick School and 14 years in Leornardsville Central School.
After her retirement in 1941, she had followed her favorite sport, harness horse racing and collected antiques. For the past four years she had operated an antique shop in Leonardsville.
She is survived by her mother of Hartwick and Leonardsville; two sisters, Mrs. George Milton Augur, Hartwick, and Mrs. Talbot; two brothers, Dr. Blaine Talbut and Dr. Benjamin Talbut of Toledo, Ohio; two nephews, Richard Talbut of Leonardsville and Dorrence C. Talbut of Toledo; a niece, Mary E. Talbut of Toledo and a cousin, Dean Mack of Hartwick.
Mrs. Carr was a member of the Chrisian Science Mother Church of Boston, Mass., the Hartwick WCTU, the Sunday School and Women's Society of the Methodist Church, Leonardsville, and Leonardsville Garden Club.

Chamberlain, Ada F. 1854-1930 Walton, NY Obituary

Chamberlain, Ada F. 1854-1930

Mrs. Ada F. Chamberlain

Mrs. Ada F. Chamberlain died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Arthur Jester, at Otego, Friday, August 30. Death was caused by angina pectoris. She had been in ill health for the past two years but death came suddenly.
Mrs. Chamberlain was born in Columbia county 76 years ago. When ten years of age she came to live with her aunt, Mrs. Lavina Silvernail, at Trout Creek. In 1880 she was married to Alonzo Chamberlain and lived at Trout Creek until the death of her husband in 1891. Since that time she she spent most of the time in Sidney and Walton. For the past eight years she has lived with her son, Fred Chamberlain, in Walton. Mrs. Chamberlain is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Arthur Jester, of Otego, and Mrs. Willam Spencer of Sidney, and one son, Fred Chamberlain, of Walton, and nine grandchildren. She was a member of the Walton Methodist church and of the Unahanna Rebekah lodge of Sidney and the Past Grands association of the Otsego district.
The funeral was held at the home of her son, Fred Chamberlain, in Walton on Monday afternoon at one o'clock, Rev. Grant Robinson, officiating. Burial was made in the Trout
Creek cemetery.


Morris, Dr. Lewis R. Audience With the President Today Jan. 9, 1930

Dr. Morris' Audience
With President Today

Washington, D. C., Jan. 9, (Special to The Star)--Dr. Louis R. Morris of Morris, donor of Neahwa park to the city of Oneonta and well known for his many philanthropies, will have an audience with President Hoover Friday at 12:30 o'clock at the White House through the intercession of Representative John D. Clarke.

Following the interview with the President, Dr. Morris will call on Attorney General Mitchell. The appointment with Mr. Mitchell, also made by Mr. Clarke is for 2:30 o'clock.

Dr. Morris, it was pointed out in Washington, is a grandson of one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Mrs. Morris, daughter of the late Senator Clarke of Montana, gave the new annex to the Corcoran Art Gallery of Washington.
No political significance is attached to the interviews, Representative Clarke 

Comment:  The paper had spelled his name wrong.  It should have been Dr. Lewis R. Morris.