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Duroe, Elias Addison 1873-1923 New Berlin, NY Obituary

Duroe, Elias Addison 1873-1923

Passed Away at a Hospital in New York

Frank Duroe received a telegram Thursday evening informing him that his brother Addison Duroe had Passed away at a hospital in New York that afternoon, from the effects of an operation which he had undergone five days previous.
Mr. Duroe was second son of Mr. and Mrs. Collingwood Duroe of New Berlin, and was born October 2, 1873 in the town of Morris, on the farm now owned by William Harris, and known as the Lull place.
He was a young man of exemplary character, well thought of by all and since the death of his father he has had charge of the home farm, and his death is indeed a sad blow to his aged mother, who had so depended on him since the death of his father.
He never married.
Besides his mother, he is survived by two brothers, Laverne of New York, Frank of New Lisbon, and three sisters, Eliza and Jane Duroe residing at home and Ruth Duroe of New Lisbon.
The funeral was held at the family home near New Berlin Monday afternoon. Burial was at Norwich.
His two brothers, Laverne and Frank Duroe and two cousins, J. Ernst Thurston and Andrew Carleton of New Lisbon acted as bearers.

Family History Addendum: Elias Addison is buried at the Norwich Quarter cemetery on Rt. 23 east of Norwich.
His parents are buried at the same cemetery. Mary Ann Thurston Duroe 1847--1928 and Rodney Collingwood Duroe 1847-after 1910 as he appears on the 1910 census.

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