Friday, April 20, 2012



                                  Arraign Edmeston Man
Before Seybolt Today

John Berbin, alleged proprietor of an Edmeston Speakeasy, will be arraigned before United States Deputy Commissioner Seybolt here this morning for investigation. Berbin was brought here about 8 o'clock Saturday evening by Trooper Maynard of the state police, and lodged in the city jail. It is presumed bond will be furnished him this morning.

Maynard, stationed at Edmeston, stated that he entered Berbin's place of business Saturday afternoon in civilian clothes, following numerous complaints by citizens, of the locality. The trooper obtained evidence and made the arrest, he stated. He will appear as a witness during the hearing this morning.

A small daughter of Berbin's was brought here with him and turned over to a private family by Mrs. Hazel Foster Brady, police matron. Late yesterday afternoon, friends of the prisoner came here and took the child back with them.

Seybolt Releases Edmeston Man
Under Bond of $1,000

John Berbin, arraigned before United States Commissioner Arthur Seybolt here yesterday on a charge of running a speakeasy in Edmeston,
was released under $1,000 bond, following a partial examination.
Irving Baxter of Utica appeared for the defendant. The hearing was partially held and then adjourned by Commissioner Seybolt in order that Mr. Baxter might leave for the south to spend the Christmas holidays.

The hearing will be completed here on Janurary 18.
Berbin's bond was furnished by Mrs. Maggie Gillace of Edmeston and he returned home last night.

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