Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Fisherman Blues 1931

Sunday Brings Blue Monday to Fishermen

Norwich, Jan. 19---Twas on a Sunday afternoon, when the fishing was fine, 16 men from Morris and Edmeston, tried their luck at catching pickerel, with snatch hooks on their lines.
They fished in the Unadilla river, between New Berlin and South Edmeston, so goes this merry little rhyme, then along came two state troopers and spoiled their good time.

Upon the bank, three pickerel lay, as nice a catch as one could ask, but State Troopers E. C. Elmendorf and V. G. Hemmer, according to the law, had to do their task.

So in the town of Edmeston this afternoon, the men were arraigned, before Justices of the Peace: Hayes Welch and Earl Brooks, on the trooper' claim. The men were Winston and Callas Harris and Arthur Chase, Levern DeForest, Hugh Southern, Harry Gardner, Charles Johnson, Harold Card, Edwin Thresher, Harry Fenton, Arthur Colvin, Lee Coburn, Gould Benedict, William, Leo and George Bailey, who said he lived in Edmeston, it was noted by the justices hastily.

After a short hearing, the men all agreed, that they would settle by civil compromise and pay $12.50 each, and the justices' warnings heed.

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