Saturday, April 21, 2012



Large Barn Burns in Morris

Morris, May 12---The large barn on the farm owned by Mrs. Tobey on the state road just below the school building was destroyed by fire Saturday evening at about 7:30 o'clock. It was filled with hay, and was an entire loss, as no insurance was carried.
The fire was first discovered when smoke was seen issuing from the south end toward the silo, which was empty and caught from the barn. The back side of the building was used for a cow stable. Milking was done there and the milkers had just left the barn and gone to supper when the blaze was discovered. The firemen responded promptly with the pumping machine, but the building could not be saved. It was apparently spontaneous combustion as the blaze was in the hay at the top of the barn and burned very quickly.
Many visited the scene of the fire while it was burning, the blaze in the hay continuing all next day. The milking is now done at the Washburn barn and it is not yet known whether the building will be rebuilt. It was practically a new barn. All the other buildings were saved, as fortunately none were near the barn.

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