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Delaware County, NY Birthdays from 1800s and Early1900s

Dates and Names taken from a Birthday Book in Delaware County, NY.
Dated approximately 1911.
Owner Unknown. Came from the Mary Boice Gale Collection.

Jan 1 Arthur H. Benedict 1909
                           1  Mrs. Joanna Dicks 1860
2 Milo J. Roda 1886
3 Effa Williams 1889
3 Helen L Gould 1918
4 Ralph W. Taylor 1911
5 Lorena ?Rois Wheeler 1893
12 Herriot Boice 1847
12 Lousie E. Jenkins 1914
15 Mrs. Burt Bodine (no year)
18 Grace Perry 1895
19 Nellie F. Sprague 1889
19 Juna Brownell 1890
20 Susie M, ? Fleris 1892
24 Walter J Olmsted 1871
25 Mrs. Flora Butte 1848
26 Donald J. Budine 1924
27 Leon Glenn Russ 1913
29 Minnie Howe Wheeler 1891
29 Florence H.Nichols (no year)
31 Neil W. Bartlett 1890

2 Hazel Combs More 1889
5 Arthur Holley 1877
7 Blikley Puffer 1898
9 Mrs. J. S. Vannakin 1862
14 Crawford A. DuMond 1908
18 Frances M. Benedict 1906
18 Leona Constable 1893
19 Lowell Fitch 1869
19 Glenn Nichols Budine 1915
22 Daniel W. Benedict 1857
22 Stanley J. Cole 1881
22 F. W. Hewitt 1862 or ?1892
26 Frank C. Brown 1889
28 George Rutherford 1882

4 Lida M. Hewitt 1864
5 E. M. Starbuck (no year)
8 Erwin Steinbach 1906
10 Irene Johnston 1913
11 Ethel Griffin 1913
11 Larry Boice 1954
13 Jeannetta M. Taylor 1861
15 Clara J. Starbuck (no year)
17 Alton Bartlett 1900
18 Robert L. Jenkins 1942
20 Mary E. Burgin 1867
21 Jimmie Steinbacher 1945
24 Lloyd R. Jenkins 1902
25 Josephine Holley Proskine 1882
30 Harry M. Benedict 1882
30 G. E. Benedict 1844
30 Clyde Chamberlin 1893
30 Herman Budine 1893

1 Fannie B. Elderkin 1879
3 Edmund More Sr. 1831
4 Betty Joyce Budine 1934
6 Mrs. J. S. Holley (no year)
6 Joan B. Gould 1941
7 Walter H. ?Combs 1882
9 John Casey or Carey (no year)
9 Dena Garrison Holley 1889
11 Emma Budine 1900
12 George W. Benedict 1907
13 Florence M. Nichols 1885
13 Burton G. Benedict 1881
14 Lydia M. Fitch 1889
16 Lawrence B. DuMond 1911
19 Mrs. A. O. DuMond (was 80 years old. Thy yea ar few) (no year given)
20 Winfield L. Sylvester 1910
22 Ida J. Snyder 1885
23 Karen Louise Gould 1940
26 Robert Bartlett 1937
28 Irving More 1890
29 John Northcott Holley 1908
29 Bartlett H. Palmatier 1911
3 June C. Boice 1884
3 Douglas Bartlett 1931
4 Julia E. Jones 1891
5 Lillian D. Pierson (no year)
5 Clara E. Russ 1878
5 Walton H. Morenus 1890
7 Mrs. R. M. Rutherford (no year)
10 Edward Burke 1891
14 Lena Dicks Carey 1880
17 Mrs. James Constable 1861
18 John Phillips Starbuck (no year)
19 James Constable 1868
20 Mrs. Elmer Kyrk 1883
20 Alice L. Pierce 1872
20 C. B. Fitch 1859
20 Ruth Morenus 1917
21 Herman Boice 1921
21 Paul R. Nichols 1889
21 Lynn Olmsted 1901
22 Margaret J. More 1893 (? W. H. S. 1911)
23 Wm. H. Teed 1886
23 Theola D. McClenon 1936
25 Bruce C. Budine 1918
26 Gertrude Pierce 1906
29 Albert J. Pierce 1870
29 John Bruce Elderkin 1908
30 Margaret Carey 1910

2 Jennie Boyd 1847
4 Lillian Wormuth 1900
6 Grace O. Henderson 1874
10 A. J. Tompkins 1893
12 Lionel E. Gould 1916
20 Pauline Morenus (no year)
21 Aris Combs 1890
24 Iva whilte (18 years old last June 1894)
26 Ellen E. Scholss 1899
30 Grace B. DuMond 1880
30 Iva M. Boice 1921

1 Susie Rutherford 1885
2 Nathan Jenkins Hoose 1911
6 ?Burman W. Christian 1881 or 1883
6 Nettie E. Higbie 1880
7 Lucille Bartlett 1938
15 Minnie J. DuMond (no year)
15 Mrs. J. L. Fitch 1868
15 Elmer Elderkin 1878
18 Roland A. Budine 1932
19 Ray L. Bartlett 1897
23 A. H. Pierce 1866
25 Beulah Mains (no year)
25 Irene McLachlan 1892
25 Alan Russ 1988 ( possibly 1898)
28 Earl J. Sylvester 1905
29 A. J. Boice 1880
30 Edith L. Miller 1886 (or 1896)

1 Alex. D. Anderson 1894
3 Maryette Busskus 1856
5 Dorotha Helen More 1915
6 Alma Pierce 1871
7 Mrs. Herman Budine 1897
8 Mrs. A. H. Dean 1851
8 E. F. Morgan Starbuck (reads 1492 may have meant 1892)
8 Mildred A. Brown (no year)
9 Ruth Budine 195?
10 Anna E. Rogers 1870
11 Howard D. Salton 1884
12 Pvt. A. C. Grant 1924
13 Otto? Cole 1905
14 Robert Walker 1935
15 Robert Nichols (no year)
21 Lizzie Tuller 1880
22 Bessie E. Benedict 1884
22 Janet Nichols 1894
22 Mary C. Budine 1892
23 Edna Jenkins Hoose 1885
23 Orrin Constable 1889
25 E. J. Keene 1881
26 Kathryn Bartlett 1903
27 Frances Northcott Holley 1879
29 Lyndelle W. Benedict 1915
29 Percy H. Budine 1919
31 Mrs. Helen Jones (no year)
31 Harland B. Holley 1888

1 Edward S. Bailey 1948 (Son of Ed and Nellie)
3 Nettie Cole 1885
4 Lee Victor Gould 1944
6 Arthur Hoose 1888
6 Ellis R. Pierce 1899
8 Harry Nichols 1887
9 Ethel Taylor 1884
9 Drusilla Collett 1893
12 George H. Kyrk 1911
12 Camilla K. Boice 1946
15 Emma Benedict Holley 1910
15 Margaret DuMond 1888
16 Goldie Jones 1892
16 Archie Budine 1890
16 Cora Ellen Kyrk 1910
16 Marlene L. Gould 1942
19 Nicholes Dicks (no year)
19 Michael J. Crowley 1887 Binghamton, NY
22 Margaret Henderson (no year)
22 Lois Anna Budine 1925
22 Richard L. Gould 1938
22 Henry Bartlett 1933
25 Esther M. Bartlett 1902
25 Mildred Morenus 1915 or 1916
27 Hazel Holley Salton (no year)
28 Ralph Comers or Comes 1907
28 Lida Boice 1889
29 Lillian Boyer 1890
29 Paul Nichols (no year)
29 H. Adelia Oliver 1909

5 Lamont Waring 1887'
5 John Constable 1885
6 Teresa Boice 1948
7 Virginia Allen 1948
8 Everett Dicks 1883
8 Hattie Scovill Budine 1868
10 Robert M. Rutherford 1888
11 Herman Nichols 1864
12 Norman W. Sylvester 1906
14 Miss Ada Pierce 1901
14 Pearl A. Pierce 1896
15 Ruth Ann Boice 1958
16 Florence L. Elderkin 1903
18 Edith Combs Sylvester 1884
20 Glenn C. Miller 1909
20 Nellie I. Love Bailey (no year)
23 Mrs. Edmund Moore 1838
23 Mrs. Emma Combs 1887
25 Georgia B. Jones 1886
26 Blanch White Crowley 1887
27 Louise Benedict 1880
27 Hattie Bartlett 1894 (the 9 isn't clear)
27 Elsie Allen (no year)

1 Florence M. Wood 1898 (Steinbacher)
3 Margaret Sylvester 1907
3 Isabelle L King (no year)
4 Stewart Benedict 1903
5 Harriet N. Benedict 1894
6 Wilma L. Baxter 1916
7 Dorothy Carey 1914
7 Mrs. Ada Morenus 1894
10 Sylvia Trusdell 1894
11 Lee James Benedict 1887
11 Delos S. Budine 1896
12 Erric Boice 1952
16 Wanda May Fitch 1912
18 William ?Wilber (no year)
20 Frances C. Benedict 1860
22 Milford Butler 1895
26 Geo. W. Budine 1866
27 Loverna E. Benedict 1907
27 Robert ?Piersan (no year)

4 W. H. Bartlett 1877
6 Nettie Cynithia Mains 1883
10 Elinor Titus 1893
10 Flora Blossom 1895
11 W. E. Henderson 1864
13 Mary R. Northcott 1844
15 Thomas Ford 1893
17 Antoinette Henderson (no year)
18 George E. Fitch (no year)
18 Etta R. Palmatier 1871
19 Blanche Constable 1883
22 Ella Nichols 1867 (She also wrote 1911 which may be a clue of the year of the signings)
22 Wm. R. Taylor (no year)
24 Andrew Constable 1879
31 Leaf is missing

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Burdick, Anna 1879-1930 Unadilla Obituary

Burdick, Anna 1879-1930 Unadilla Obituary

Mrs. George Burdick Dies
Thursday in Unadilla

Funeral Services Next Monday

Unadilla, Feb. 7---Mrs. Anna Burdick, wife of George Burdick, passed away at home on Depot street Thursday evening, February 6. Mrs. Burdick had been ill with a complication of diseases from which she suffered greatly at times.
Mrs. Burdick was born in Pittsfield, July 1, 1879, the daughter of Balius and Johanna (Cook) Burdick. She was married to George Burdick 34 years ago. She had lived in this village 17 years. Before that she had always lived in Franklin and Pittsfield, Otsego county.
The funeral will be held at the home Monday afternoon at 1 o'clock. Burial will be made in Hillington cemetery, Morris. Rev. Yale Lyon will be the officiating clergyman.
Mrs. Burdick is survived by her husband, George Burdick; one son, Percy, of Middleville; one brother, Earl Burdick, of Mt. Upton, and one sister, Mrs. Gertrude Hickling, of New Lisbon. She was a member of St. Matthew's Episcopal church, of Freedom chapter of the Order of Eastern Star, Otse-dela Rebekah lodge, and Unadilla Council Degree of Pocahontas, and a past noble grand of the Rebekahs. She was devoted to her home and family and they held first place in her affections always ready and willing to do for them and give her best to them. In the church and organizations to which she belonged she worked many times the last few months when her frail strength had to be exerted to its utmost to be in her place when her duties called her there. Sincere sympathy is felt for her loved ones.

And a second obituary:

Mrs. Anna Burdick, wife of George Burdick, passed away at the family home Thursday night. She had been in very poor health for several months but had kept about until the last day or two. The funeral was held at the home at one o'clock Monday afternoon with burial in Hillington cemetery at Morris. Mrs. Burdick is survived by her husband, one son Percy Burdick, of Middleville, a brother, Earl Burdick of Mount Upton, and a sister, Mrs. Gertrude Hickling, of New Lisbon. Mrs. Burdick was the daughter of Balius and Johanna Burdick and was born in Pittsfield, July 1, 1879. After her marriage with Mr. Burdick they lived in Pittsfield and later in Franklin, coming to Unadilla severteen years ago. She attended the Episcopal church, was a member of the Eastern Star, Otse-dela Rebekahs and Unadila council, D. Q. P. She was a past noble grand of the Rebekahs and was associate matron of O.E.S.last year. The three orders attended the funeral in a body.

Burdick, Balius T. 1841-1917 Pittsfield Obituary

Burdick, Balius T. 1841-1917 Pittsfield Obituary



Balius Thomas Burdick, a well known and respected resident of Pittsfield, passed away at his home Thursday, March 29th. He had been in failing health for some time, but only confined to his bed a few days. The immediate cause of his death was Bright's disease.
Deceased was a son of Nelson and Anna (Caldor) Burdick, and was born near Elm Grove in 1841. He was a cooper by trade, but had followed farming in recent years.
He was twice married, his first wife being Sarah Perkins and his second wife, who survives him, was Johanna Cook. Others left to mourn his demise are, two daughters, Mrs. George Burdick of Unadilla and Mrs. William Hickling of New Lisbon, and a son, Earl, of Rockwell's Mills; one sister Mrs. Eliza Ellis of Morris, and two grand-children, Percy Burdick and Claudine Hickling.
The funeral was held at his late home Sunday afternoon, Rev. C. C. Volz of Morris officiating. The remains were placed in the vault in Hillington cemetery.
The family wish to express heartfelt thanks to neighbors and friends for the many acts of kindness given during the illness and death of the beloved husband and father.

Burdick, Earl Died 1948 Morris Funeral

Burdick, Earl Died 1948 Morris Funeral

Earl M. Burdick

Rites Conducted

Morris---Funeral services for Earl M. Burdick of Rockdale were held Sunday at Sloan's Funeral Parlors with burial in Hillington Cemetery.
Bearers from Rockdale and Mount Upton were Claude Wadsworth, Ray Reed, William Burch, Lavern Pearsall, Clyde Richmond and Harry Stickles.
Relatives attending from out of town were from Bloomville, Davenport Center, New Lisbon, West Oneonta, Rockdale, Mount Upton, Canastota, New Berlin and Edmeston.

Burdick, Earl wed to Mrs. Ella Patrick 1910 Morris

Burdick, Earl wed to Mrs. Ella Patrick 1910 Morris

Married at the M. E. parsonage in Morris, March 15th, by Rev. E. D. Cook, Mrs. Ella Patrick of Morris and Earl Burdick of Pittsfield. They will reside at Rockwell Mills.

Burdick, Ella Agnes (O'Connell) 1872-1931 Mt. Upton Obituary

Burdick, Ella Agnes (O'Connell) 1872-1931 Mt. Upton Obituary


Ella Agnes Burdick, wife of Earl M. Burdick, passed away at her home in Mt. Upton early Saturday morning, November 14th, 1931, after a long and serious illness. She had been in very poor health for several years during which time she had suffered several strokes, each one of which had left her in a more weakened condition. On November 5th she suffered another severe stroke from which she never rallied and death came as a blessed relief from her long sufferings.
Mrs. Burdick was born in the town of Pittsfield on August 20, 1872, the daughter of John and Esther O'Connell, and her early life was spent in that township. In 1897 she was united in marriage with Lyman Patrick, also of Pittsfield, and to them was born one son, Lester Patrick, who now survives his mother. Mr. Patrick died in 1905 and she then resided in Morris until March 15, 1910, when she was united in marriage with Earl M. Burdick of Pittsfield. Mr. and Mrs. Burdick then removed to Rockwell's Mills and their home has since been there and in Mr. Upton.
Since coming to Mt. Upton, Mrs. Burdick has made a host of friends who have come to know her as a true friend and neighbor, one who was always willing and glad to do for others so long as her health permitted.
Besides her husband and son, Mrs. Burdick is survived by a sister, Mrs. Thomas Hume, of Edmeston; a brother, John O'Connell, of New Berlin, and by several nieces and nephews.
The funeral services were held from her late home on Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev. O. B. Young, pastor of the Methodist church of which Mrs. Burdick has long been a member, officiating. Burial was in the family plot in Hillington cemetery at Morris. Many beautiful floral pieces were an expression of the love and esteem held for Mrs. Burdick by her relatives and friends.
To Mr. Burdick, who has so patiently and devotedly cared for his wife during her long illness, the sincere sympathy of the community will be given in his bereavement.

Burdick, Johanna 1843-1921 New Lisbon Obituary

Burdick, Johanna 1843-1921 New Lisbon Obituary


Mrs. Joeanna Burdick, widow of the late Balius Burdick passed away Sunday, March 20, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. William Hickling, from the effects of a shock sustained on Friday.
She had not been in the best of health since February, when she contracted a severe cold, but had so far recovered as to be around the house a part of the time.
Her daughter upon hearing a noise in her room quickly went to see what the trouble was, and found her lying on the floor in an unconscious condition, her right side being paralized.
She failed gradually until the end came.
Deceased was born near Ketchum, in the town of Pittsfield, May 5, 1843, a daughter of Milton and Margaret Hineman Cook.
July 4, 1877 she was married to Balius Burdick and their entire married life was spent in the town of her birth.
Three children came to gladden their union: Mrs. Anna Burdick of Unadilla, Earl Burdick of Rockwells Mills and Mrs. William Hickling of New Lisbon with whom she has lived since the death of her husband four years ago, and who so tenderly cared for her mother.
Besides the three children she is survived by one brother, Thomas Cook, a sister, Mrs. Spencer Dennison, and two grandchildren, Percy Burdick and Claudine Hickling.
The funeral was held at her late home last Wednesday afternoon at 1 o'clock, Rev. harry E. Brooks, pastor of the Morris M. E. church officiating.
Interment was beside her husband in Hillington cemetery.


Card of Thanks

We wish to express our sincere thanks to all who so kindly assisted us during the illness and death of our dear mother.

Mr. and Mrs. William Hickling
Mr. and Mrs. George Burdick
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Burdick

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Carsten, Rev. A. J. 1890-1930 West Laurens Obituary

Carsten, Rev. A. J. 1890-1930 West Laurens Obituary

Rev. A. J. Carsten Dies at
Mt. Vision Sanatorium

Beloved Pastor of Church of West Laurens
and Previously at Morris
--Funeral Saturday at Morris

West Laurens, Jan. 9---Rev. A. J. Carsten died January 8, at the Mt. Vision sanatorium, where he had passed much of the time for the past three years bravely fighting the disease from which he died.
Rev. Mr. Carsten was born in Norway, June 12, 1890. He came to America in 1914, and was for a time a student at Boston university, afterwards going to Trinity college in Hartford, Conn. He also attended the Biblical seminary in New York city and while there was assistant pastor of the Marines church. Afterwards he was pastor of the Baptist church in Vestal Center for nearly four years, coming to Morris in October, 1924. He resigned his pastorate of the Baptist church in 1926, on account of ill health and after a rest he organized a community church society and Sunday school at West Laurens, which is still being continued under the leadership of his wife.
He was married in Boston in 1917 to Tomine B. Ness, who was also born in Norway, and who came to America in 1905.
He leaves to mourn his loss the wife, above mentioned, who was his faithful companion in his home and in his Christian work, and a daughter, Dorothy Lucille, aged 12 years. They reside in the village of Morris. He leaves also a host of friends, who sincerely mourn the passing of this Christian man.
Funeral services will be held at the Morris Baptist church at 2 p. m., on Saturday, preceded by a prayer at 1:30 o'clock from his late home, conducted by Dr. E. J. Farley of the First Baptist church at Oneonta. Burial will be in Hillington cemetery.

Chandler, Kermit F. wed to Arlene A. Coffin ? 1931

Chandler, Kermit F. wed to Arlene A. Coffin ? 1931

Cooperstown Couple Weds

Westville, Sept. 4---Kermit F. Chandler of Cooperstown, R. D. 2, and Miss Arlene A. Coffin of the Mary Imogene Bassett hospital at Cooperstown were united in marriage in the Baptist parsonage at Westville Thursday evening at 8 o'clock. Rev. Walter A. Miller, pastor of the Westville Baptist church, performed the ceremony. The attendants were: Mr. and Mrs. Claude P. Richards of Cooperstown. Mr. and Mrs. Chandler will reside at Cooperstown, R. D. 2, in the town of Middlefield.

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Fenton, Virginia May 1928-1931 New Lisbon Obituary

Fenton, Virginia May 1928-1931 New Lisbon Obituary

Young Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Fenton
Died Monday Afternoon

New Lisbon, March 18---Virginia May the two and one-half year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Fenton, died about 4 o'clock Monday afternoon from a brief illness. The child had for some time been subject to attacks of sudden illness but her death was very unexpected.
Undertaker Clarence Houck removed the body to his home at Edmeston, where the funeral will be held Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. The remains will be placed in the vault at New Berlin, where burial will take place later. Besides the grief stricken parents she is survived by one brother, Stanley, and several uncles, aunts, and cousins. Much sympathy is given to the family in their deep sorrow.

Hickling, William C. 1875-1944 New Lisbon Obituary

Hickling, William C. 1875-1944

William Hickling, New Lisbon, Dies

New Lisbon---William C. Hickling, an esteemed life-long resident of New Lisbon, died at 7:15 Saturday night at the home of his brother-in-law, Earl Burdick, Mt. Upton, after an illness of more than two years with asthma and complications. Funeral services will be held Wednesday at 2 from Sloans funeral home in Morris. Rev. L. E. Pitkin, pastor of the Morris Methodist church, will officiate, and burial will be made in Hillington cemetery.
He was born at New Lisbon Dec. 19, 1875, the only child of Charles and Elmira (Gardner) Hickling. He married Miss Gertrude Burdick, Pittsfield, Oct. 3, 1900. Nearly their entire married life was spent on a farm at New Lisbon until failing health obliged him to retire. He sold his farm and Dec. 3, 1943, t hey went to Mt. Upton to reside with her brother at whose home he passed away.
A devoted husband and father, kind and obliging friend and neighbor, he is survived by his wife, one daughter, Mrs. Claudine Tilyou, Gilbertsville, and several cousins. A wide circle of friends unite with the family in their sorrow.

Comment:  I've seen his mother's name spelled both Elmira and Almira.  I'm not sure which is right.  

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Hickling, William wed to Gertrude Burdick 1900 Morris

Hickling, William wed to Gertrude Burdick 1900 Morris

As is usually the case the Morris Fair brought a wedding to town.
This year the contracting parties were Wm. Hickling of Welcome and Miss Gertrude Burdick of Ketchum, who were married at the M. E. parsonage by Rev. B. N. Butts, Wednesday evening, Oct. 3d. Geo. Burdick and wife of Franklin accompanied them.

Comment:  Gertrude was the daughter of Balius Thomas and Joanna (Cook) Burdick.  Her maternal grandparents were Abial and Margaret (Kreiger) Cook.  
William C. Hickling was the son of Charles Henry and Almira (Gardner) Hickling.  Below are some links to these relatives. 

Find A Grave for William C. Hickling
  Find A Grave for Balius Thomas Burdick
Find A Grave for Abiel Cook

Abial Cook photo memorial

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Holdredge, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Golden Wedding 1932

Holdredge, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Golden Wedding 1932

Golden Wedding
Tuesday at Edmeston

Sixty Friends and Relatives Present
at Reception for Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Holdredge

Hartwick, April 7---Tuesday, April 5, 60 friends and relatives of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Holdredge, gathered at their home in Edmeston to help them celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.
A pleasing program under the direction of Mrs. Adrian Holdredge was given. Mrs. Charles Phelps read a poem, “Golden Years,” composed by Mrs. Grace Robinson, and a very impressive golden wedding service was conducted by Rev. Robert E. Austin, a former pastor of Mr. and Mrs. Holdredge, during which he pronounced them “Masters of the Fine Art of Living Together.”
A delicious buffet luncheon was served under the capable supervision of Mrs. Sydney Langworthy. The wedding cake was baked and appropriately decorated by Mrs. Claudine Zinninger, and was cut by the bride.
The following guests were present from out of town; Mr. and Mrs. Bert Slade and Mrs. Clara Slade of Oneonta; Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Shumacker of Middletown; Mrs. Mary A. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. H. Millard Clark of Hartwick; Rev. and Mrs. R. E. Austin of Milford; Mrs. Claude Talbot of Mr. Vision; Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. House, Mrs. L. V. Zinninger, Mrs. Charles A. Phelps, Mrs. Ernest Church, Miss Rena Church and Miss Dorothy House of New Berlin; Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Steele, Stuart Holdredge, Julia Hall and Dr. and Mrs. B. F. Bishop of Garrattsville; Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Holdredge, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Talbot of West Burlington.

Holdredge, William M. 1853-1931 Laurens Obituary

Holdredge, William M. 1853-1931  Laurens Obituary

William M. Holdredge
Dies at Home in Laurens

Laurens, March 16---William M. Holdredge, for the past 20 years a well known and highly respected resident of Laurens, passed away at his home here on Sunday evening at 10 o'clock, following a year's decline with heart trouble.
Mr. Holdredge was born in West Burlington on June 6, 1853, the son of Artemus and Theodosia Holdredge. He was united in marriage to Ida Cummings of Oneonta in 1872. Her death occurred five years ago. To this union was born two children, a daughter, Lena, who died in infancy, and son, Neil C.
The early part of Mr. Holdredge's life was spent as a farmer near West Burlington. About 20 years ago they moved to this village, where he has won many friends who will regret his passing. The deceased was a member of the Episcopal church and during his residence in Laurens attended the Presbyterian church.
Besides the son, Neil C. Holdredge, of Haskell, N. J., the only near surviving relatives are a granddaughter, Lois Holdredge. A brother, Daniel A. Holdredge died last July.
Funeral services will be held from the family home on Thursday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock. Rev. E. E. Hutchinson, pastor of the Zion Episcopal church of Morris, will officiate. Burial will take place in the family plot of the Brick Schoolhouse cemetery.

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Hoose, Mary D. (Harrison) 1850-1932 Mt. Vision Obituary

Hoose, Mary D. (Harrison) 1850-1932 Mt. Vision Obituary

Mrs. Mary D. Hoose Dies
Thursday in Mt. Vision

Mt. Vision, March 24---Mary D. Hoose, widow of Stephen Hoose, died at her home at Mt. Vision Thursday, March 24. Mrs. Hoose was born, March 15, 1850, in the township of Hartwick, the daughter of Samuel and Samantha (Whitford) Harrison. Her entire life was spent in this community. She is survived by two sons, Arthur, living in Mt. Vision, and Courtney, living on the homestead, with whom she resided, and by whom she was faithfully cared for. There are also seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.
At an early age she united with the Methodist church and lived an unassuming life of loving Christian service to her family and many friends and was beloved by all who knew her.
The funeral will be held at the home on Sunday at 2 p. m.

Howes, Vera E. (Boice) 1882-1969 Walton Obituary

Wedding photo--November 1903
Howes, Vera E. (Boice) 1882-1969 Walton Obituary

Mrs. Vera E. Howes

WALTON --- Mrs. Vera E. Howes, 87, died May 28 in Delaware Valley Hospital.
Funeral service is at 2 p.m. Sunday in Lyon Brothers Chapel, the Rev. William Bartz officiating. Burial will be in the Walton Cemetery.
Mrs. Howes was born Jan. 25, 1882, in Loomis, a daughter of Abram L. and Henriot (Austin) Boice. She was married in November, 1903, to Frank C. Howes, at Loomis. Her last residence was Trout Creek.
She was a housewife and attended Trout Creek Community Church. She was a past member of Trout Creek Grange.
Surviving are one son Hiram Howes of Trout Creek, a daughter Doris Kinney of Trout Creek; two grandchildren and two great grandchildren.
Friends may call at their convenience at Lyons Brothers Chapel, Walton. The family will be in attendance Saturday, from 7 to 9 p.m.

This is a photo of  Vera's parents, Henriot (Austin) and Abram L. Boice.

Betsy Wakeman was his first wife, but she died in her twenties.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


While I was sending this 'Line of Descent' to a new found cousin from my family line, I thought
I would share it with you as another neat example of what is offered..  I love this mode on Ancestry.  You can click on any name and find out how that person is related to you as seen on Edward Wellman.
You also can click on any of those underlined names in the list to go to their page and all their information.  I STAR each person in my direct line of descent to more easily identify them.

Edward Wellman * (1540 - 1594)
is your 10th great grandfather
Thomas Wellman* (1594-1685)
Son of Edward
Thomas Wellman* (1620-16720)
Son of Thomas
Isaac L Wellman* (1647-1724)
Son of Thomas
Isaac Wellman* (1685-1740)
Son of Isaac L
Timothy Wellman* (1724-1790)
Son of Isaac
Isaac Wellman* (1764-1834)
Son of Timothy
Joseph Wellman* (1795-1867)
Son of Isaac
Lavinia Elvira Wellman*
Daughter of Joseph

CONTINUED Wellman 'Line of Descent'

I'm not sure why the post overlaps with the below information, so I'm
adding the rest of my Wellman line this way:

Mary Jane Gardner* (1850-1930)
Daughter of Lavinia
William Elhanan Stone* (1888-1919)
Son of Mary Jane
Margueriete Willetta Stone* (1911-1966)
Daughter of William Elhanan
Donna Elizabeth Boice
Daughter of Margueriete Willetta

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

McClellan, Dr. John M. 1865-1931 Oneonta Obituary

McClellan, Dr. John M. 1865-1931 Oneonta Obituary

Dr. J. M. McClellan
Stricken Suddenly

Conscientious Practitioner
Here for 33 Years Victim
of Angina Pectoris

Dr. John M. McClellan, for the past 43 years a medical practitioner in Hartwick and Oneonta, the last 33 years in this city, died suddenly yesterday afternoon shortly after 2 o'clock at his farm located near the county tuberculosis sanatorium at Mt. Vision from angina pectoris.
Dr. McClellan left Oneonta about 1 o'clock for the farm and after his arrival there had started to mow the lawn. However, he cut but one strip through the grass before he had warning of his condition, for he stopped then and went to his car. It was not until about 4 o'clock that it was found that he was dead. Fred Walters noticing that he was apparently sleeping behind the wheel of his car on a trip past the farm, and upon his return he noticed that Dr. McClellan had not moved.
He called a friendly greeting, sensing that something might be wrong, and when the man failed to respond he went to the car. Mr. Walters immediately notified Dr. Frank C. Winsor at the sanatorium, who rushed to the scene, accompanied by nurses from the institution. Upon their arrival it was found that Dr. McClellan had apparently been dead for some time and Dr. Winsor pronounced angina pectoris the cause. From the position of his hands it is thought that in his last seconds he reached for a hypodermic needle in his pocket.
While Dr. McClellan's family had noticed that he seemed to be somewhat unsteady on a motor trip Sunday, it was thought that this was due to heavy traffic and in the absence of any comment from him little more consideration was given to his condition. A family gathering was held at the home Sunday and he seemed to be in usual health, as he did yesterday morning.
Funeral services will be held from the family home, 17 Elm street, Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock, conducted by Dr. James C. Russell and Rev. C. Frederic Fraser, pastors of the first Presbyterian church. Burial will be made in the family plot of the cemetery at Laurens.
John M. McClellan was born January 29, 1865, at Albany, the son of William and Sarah (Riddell) McClellan. He attended the Albany public schools and later graduated from Albany Business college, the Albany College of Pharmacy and Albany Medical college, in the class of 1888 from the latter institution.
He had practiced his profession for the past 43 years, first at Hartwick for 11 years, during which he spent a period of about a year at Fort Wayne, Ind. He came to Oneonta in 1898 and this city had since been his home. Dr. McClellan was keenly devoted to his profession and rarely did he fail to respond to a call, regardless of his own physical condition or the obstacles of the journey, sometimes taking him many miles through winter snow. For a period of 11 years he was able to answer every call, whether in the city or the surrounding community.
As this record indicates, Dr. McClellan took more than usual interest in his patients and oftentimes he was at the bedside of one critically ill, practically 24 hours a day for eight or ten consecutive days. With such close application to his cases, he had been a successful practitioner and he had won innumerable friends among his patients and those who observed his application to his chosen work.
Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Maude (Field) McClellan, whom he married at Hartwick in 1894; three children, Harry J. McClellan, of 103 East street, manager of the Liggett store here, John McClellan, residing at home, and Miss Dorothy McClellan, a student at Albany Business college; one granddaughter, Betty Jane McClellan; and a brother, William McClellan, of Binghamton. To them he was particularly devoted and they will have the sincere sympathy of wide circles of friends in their loss. A son, Mathew, did as an infant a number of years ago and a daughter, Miss Marguerite McClellan, died at Nutley, N. J., in 1920.
Dr. McClellan was of a family which has shown itself particularly interested in ministering to human illness, conspicuous success having been attained by brothers and cousins in medicine and nursing service. However, none gave more liberally of their effort than did Dr. John M. McClellan, whose sacrifice of physical strength to his work brought his sudden passing.
Dr. McClellan and Frank H. Bresee, president of the Oneonta Department store, organized the Hartwick water company during the time they were both residents of that village and both remained directors of that venture, being close personal friends and having been engaged in other enterprises, among them the Central hotel company.

Largely Attended Funeral
Services for Dr. McClellan

Funeral services for Dr. J. M. McClellan, held yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the family home, 17 Elm street, were largely attended by relatives, patients and friends, Dr. James C. Russell and Rev. C. Frederic Fraser, pastors of the First Presbyterian church, officiated and interment was made in the family plot of the cemetery at Laurens.

In the eulogy, Dr. Russell spoke highly of the life of the deceased, of which a summary will be found below:
Practically the entire life of Dr. McClellan was spent in theis community and he was interested in everything that pertained to the municipality. He was a modest man, never thrusting himself before others, and a successful practitioner who gained the confidence as well as the sympathy of his large clientele.
Dr. McClellan was a workman, who needeth not be ashamed, verily he was his reward in the hearts of a large number of people. He will not soon be forgotten.
Bearers were Frank G. Sherman, Frank H. Bresee, Dr. Julian C. Smith, David A. Diefendorf, James M. Dickson and Frank R. Pashley. Flower bearers included; Eber Hix, Dr. Marshall Latcher, Dr. Frank L. Winsor of Laurens, Dr. George Schoolcraft of Hartwick, Burton Hulbert, Alva Seybolt, Arthur M. Butts, John Taylor and George Wohlleben.

Organizations sending flowers, in addition to many individual pieces sent by relatives, patients and friends, included Women's association of the first Presbyterian church, Otsego county Medical society, Managers of Liggett Drug stores in New York state, Employes of the Oneonta Lissgett store, Employes of the Wilber National bank, Employes of the Oneonta Prudential office, Employes of the Victory store at 230 Main street, a group of friends and neighbors.

Among those from out of the city attending the service were: William McClellan, Hamilton; Mrs. Harold Hillis, New York city; Dr. Harold Teed and Eugene Carr, Sidney; Frank Teed, Masonville; Floyd Steward and family, Unadilla; John Field and Mrs. Clara Holbrook, Cooperstown; Mrs. Laney Donaldson and Anthony Lance, Utica; Mrs. Helen Bradley,

Milbert, Minnie Died 1932 Cooperstown Obituary

Milbert, Minnie Died 1932 Cooperstown Obituary


The death of Mrs. Minnie Milbert, widow of the late Martin Milbert occurred in Cooperstown, Thursday morning, November 17. The funeral was held Saturday afternoon at 2:30 from her late home in Richfield Springs, Rev. M. D. Sill of the M. E. Church of that village, officiating. Burial was made in Springfield.
Mrs. Milbert was a daughter of the late Sylvester Price and Lodina Brown Price.
There survive one daughter, Ruth Milbert of Richfield Springs; two stepdaughters, Mrs. Floyd Curry of Burlington and Katherine Milbert of Richfield Springs; one brother, Grant Price of West Exeter; an aunt, Mrs. Andrew VanWagner of Edmeston and a grandson, Francis Curry.

Mosher, Horton Clarence wed to Sylvia Manning 1930

Mosher, Horton Clarence wed to Sylvia Manning 1930

Miss Sylvia Lanning Is Wed
To Horton Clarence Mosher

Popular Cooperstwon Girl is Married to
Cobleskill Man at Family Home of
Bride by Rev. Edward C. Petrie

Cooperstown, July 16---The home of Dr. and Mrs. Charles W. Lanning at 184 Main street was the scene of a quiet wedding at 5 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, when their daughter, Miss Sylvia Edwards Lanning, became the bride of Horton Clarence Mosher, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Mosher, of Cobleskill. The ceremony, which was performed by the Rev. D. Edward C. Petrie of the First Presbyterian church of Cooperstown, took place in the living room before the fireplace, which had been banked with regale lilies and purple Japanese iris. Only members of the immediate family were present.
The bride wore a gown of blue chiffon, and her bouquet was a shower of bride's roses and lilies of the valley. Her attendant was Miss Evelyn P. Mosher of Cobleskill, a sister of the bridegroom, who wore white chiffon, and carried sweet peas. Charles W. Lanning Jr., a brother of the bride, acted as the best man.
Immediately following the ceremony, the wedding party motored to Pierson Terrace, where the wedding supper was served. There were twenty-one covers laid at the bride's table, which was most attractively decorated with sweet peas in variegated colors, the center-piece being a two-tier wedding cake surmounted by a miniature bride and bridegroom. During the evening, Mr. and Mrs. Mosher left on a honeymoon trip through the New England states, and upon their return they will be at home to their friends at the home of the bridegroom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Mosher, 9 South Washington avenue, Cobleskill.
The bride is one of the most charming and popular of the Cooperstown younger set. She graduated from the Cooperstown High school with the class of 1925, following which she studied public speaking and dramatic art for four years at Syracuse university, graduating in 1929. During the past year she has taught dramatics in the Cobleskill High school, in which position she is continuing next year.
The bridegroom is a popular young man of Cobleskill, where he has always resided. He was graduated from the Cobleskill High school, since which he has followed the profession of electrician in Cobleskill. Both young people have a host of friends who extend best wishes for their future happiness.
Among the out-of-town relatives who attended the wedding were: Mrs. Edward J. Hill of Otisco, Miss Phyllis Lanning of Niagara Falls, Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Mosher, Miss Evelyn Mosher, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Mosher and Stanley Reickard, all of Cobleskill; Mr. and Mrs. Orson Mosher and their two sons, Roland and Donald, of South Kortright; Miss Marguerite Brewer of Hancock.

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Odell, Eva Talbot 1855-1830 Edmeston Obituary

Odell, Eva Talbot 1855-1830 Edmeston Obituary


While the sun was set and the clocks were announcing the advent of the Sabbath Day of rest, Mrs. Eva Odell, leaving her friends behind, and passing through the parted veil, entered the Eternal Rest, just beyond the reach and ken of human mind. Her bodily strength gone, eaten out by some insidious poison which stealthily entered her system, her spirit quietly took its flight, leaving to her loved ones the house of clay and a rich possession of precious memories.
Her life span of nearly 76 years, full of kindly thoughts and helpful deeds, was from April 4, 1855 to December 7, 1930. A native of Edmeston and spending her entire life here, yet her interests and sympathy were as wide as wide as humanity. For over 40 years she lived in her late home on South Street. Naturally she saw many changes in her native and well beloved village.
Eva Talbot Odell is the last of five children born to the late Joseph and Lucretia Bemis Talbot. She was of pioneer stock, her father being an early settler on farm lands just east of Edmeston. Her grandfather Bemis bought from the Indians farm lands a mile and a half east of the village which has been a possession of the family till recently, pacing off so many paces long and so many paces wide from a certain tree. Her father gave from his farm the land that now constitutes Union Cemetery, her former husband, the late Abraham Varley, being the first to be buried there.
Mrs. Odell received her education in the schools of Edmeston. In 1874 she was united in marriage to Abraham Varley, who died ten years later from results of a seemingly slight accident, leaving one son, Luke E. On July 24, 1894, she was united in marriage to Henry A. Odell, who with the son survives. She was as faithful and true a wife as she was a tender and beautiful mother.
In 1877 Mrs. Odell united with the Second Baptist church, of which she continued a faithful and devoted member till she left to join the church Victorious. Her christian life was of singular strength and beauty. Her church shared liberally with her home of her time, talents, strength and love. As a regular attendant of all services of the church, as an efficient member of the choir, as a faithful Sunday School teacher, as a quiet leader in the Missionary society and the W. C. T. U., her place will be hard to fill. Of her were literally true the words of Timothy Dwight:

I love Thy kingdom, Lord,
The house of Thine abode,
The church our blest Redeemer
With His own precious blood.

For her my tears shall fall,
For her my prayers ascend,
To her my cares and toils be given
Till toils and cares shall end.

According to her wish her funeral obsequies were held at the church she so much loved, Wednesday afternoon at two o'clock, conducted by her pastor, Dr. John F. Weinhauer. The beautiful floral tribute and the large gathering of friends and fellow citizens bore silent testimony to the high esteem in which the departed was held.
The deceased leaves to mourn her departure her husband, H. A. Odell of Edmeston, her son, Luke Varley, of West Winfield; a grandson, Leslie Varley, of Frankfort; a granddaughter, Thelma Varley, of West Winfield; a great grandson, John Sherden, of West Winfield; two nephews, J. C. Talbot of Kansas City and Prof. H. W. Talbot, professor in Oshkosh Teachers College, Oshkosh, Wisconsin; and one niece, Mrs. Carrie Burdick of Edmeston.
Her body was laid to rest in Union Cemetery.

Parker, Alva 1870-1936 New Lisbon Obituary

Parker, Alva 1870-1936 New Lisbon Obituary

Lifelong New Lisbon Man
Dies After Long Illness

New Lisbon, April 15---Alva George Parker, a life-long resident of the town of New Lisbon, and one of the most highly esteemed men in the community, died at his home near Garrattsville at 11:45 Monday. Death was due to arthritis, from which he had been a great sufferer for the past eight years.
The funeral will be held at the family home Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment will be in the family plot in Union cemetery at Edmeston.
Mr. Parker was born on the Parker homestead where he passed his entire life, April 18, 1870, a son of Elijah and Marion (Gross) Parker. He married Miss Jennie Harris November 25, 1891. To them was born two sons, Albert and Lee. The latter was killed in an automobile accident January 5, 1936.
Mr. Parker was superintendent of highways for a number of years. A member of Zion Episcopal church of Morris, he was a man well liked by his fellows. His passing brings deep sorrow not alone to the grief stricken family, who have been so deeply affected in their double bereavement, but to a wide circle of friends.
Surviving beside his wife and one son, Albert Parker, of Burlington Flats, are two grandchildren, Janice and Victor Parker, who with their mother, Mrs. Eva Parker, reside at the Parker home; five brothers, Eugene Parker of Ilion, Elisha Parker of Hartwick, Fred Parker of Wingdale, Elijah Parker, residing near the Parker home and David Parker of New Lisbon; two sisters, Mrs. B. A. Bailey of Binghamton, and Mrs. William Clark of Milford; several nephews, nieces and cousins.

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Parker, Elijah 1881-1936 Commits Suicide Garrattsville Obituary

Parker, Elijah 1881-1936 Garrattsville Obituary

Elijah Parker, 55, Commits Suicide

New Lisbon Farmer, Who Accidentally Shot Wife,
Ends Life With Shotgun

Melancholy since he accidentally shot and fatally wounded his wife two weeks ago, Elijah Parker, 55, committed suicide in the barn on his farm at New Lisbon yesterday morning at 7 o'clock.
Mr. Parker shot himself with a double-barrelled shotgun. He evidently placed the gun near the right side of his head and pulled the trigger with his foot. The charge blew off the right side of his head.
Dr. B. F. Bishop of Garrattsville, coroner of Otsego county, investigated. Dr. Bishop said it was a case of suicide. No notes were left by the victim.
Mr. Parker had been depressed since he accidentally shot his wife Sunday, November 8. She was struck in the abdomen by a bullet from a .22 calibre rifle, which her husband was about to use to fell a hen for Sunday dinner. The bullet pierced the intestines and she died the following day in the Bassett hospital at Cooperstown.
Mr. Parker's housekeeper, Mrs. Crandall, discovered the body when he did not return to breakfast. He arose as usual and went to the barn to do the morning chores, but when she received no answer to several calls, Mrs. Crandall investigated and found his body, slumped down in the hay in front of the cows.
The body was removed to the Houk funeral home at Edmeston, where funeral services will be held Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Rev. R. E. Snethens, pastor of the Edmeston Baptist church, will officiate, and interment will be in the family plot of Union cemetery at Edmeston.
Mr. Parker was born August 28, 1881, on the Parker homestead, near Garrattsville, the youngest son of Elisha and Marion (Grouse) Parker. He married Irene D. Pudney of Pittsfield August 25, 1907. Most of their married life had been spent in the vicinity of New Lisbon. He was a man widely known and highly esteemed.
Surviving are three brothers, Elisha Parker of Hartwick, Fred Parker of Wingdale and David Parker of New Lisbon; two sisters, Mrs. William Clark of Milford and Mrs. Bert Bailey of Binghamton; and several nieces and nephews.