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Have you thought about joining If genealogy is your hobby, or if you
want to check out your family background, you will find very helpful in
 many ways.  I had no idea how helpful until my daughter and her husband joined and
started adding family.  Since I had some 70 years accumulation of genealogy from my
paternal Aunt's life-long hobby as well as more information from my Grandma Susie
on my mother's side, I was set to add to the family tree BIG TIME! And since I never
 seem to do anything half measure, I started adding name, dates, etc. which added up
 to thousands.

My motive was to get all that information online for others to have and not just let it be hidden away in file cabinet and boxes.  My Aunt wasn't ready to try a computer yet when she died, but she had a treasure of information collected from years of telephone calls, snail mail, networking, newspapers, visiting family near and far, and just plain detective work of researching in numerous places, and even states. 

I discovered I could extend those family member's information from other family trees on Hints via those iconic green leaves popped up and I could go for
generations finding those elusive ancestors. I was hooked on genealogy in no time. Hundreds of hours later, there were lots of branches on our family tree. And now that the 1940 census is available, I'm off and searching again on lots of those people. Can you tell I'm passionate about this hobby?

A word of caution, you can get hints from all of the information offered, but you really should double check that information when possible and use just plain good old common sense. Others COPY and take that information for gospel truth. If you look closer, you may find a mother with a later birth date than her child. Hey, I've found it more than once!
Children appear twice in line ups, and spouses that can't possibly be spouses appear. That is just for starters. Check and double check.

With naming children the same name, generation after generation, not to mention siblings using those names as well, you sometimes end up with a giant puzzle. You HAVE TO go by the dates of birth and death if you are fortunate enough to have one or both. Then there was the practice of naming a later child the same name of a child that had previously died. That proved the case with my own Grandma Susie.

I thought I had my Brooks line all set only to recently discover when sending that to a new found cousin in Kansas that I had my 3 times great grandfather mistakenly entered. I had listed a brother Benjamin instead of the father Benjamin in the line of descent.
So, it pays to check and recheck your information. In the process, I discovered my 2x great grandfather had married his first cousin!  Surprise!

Another cousin who found me via, and was excited to discover we lived 10 miles apart, pointed out that I had my 2x great grandmother Elizabeth Walling's birth date wrong. I sure did. In the process of getting together with cousin Sally, she was in possession of a family treasure, a hand written 100 plus page notebook done by my beloved Grandma Susie. I had no prior knowledge of that notebook's existence.  It was mainly on our Walling line, but also contained several connecting lines as well as info copied from family bibles.  Do you see why I referred to it as a 'family treasure'?  So, here again is another reason I really enjoy  I doubt I would ever have known about that book otherwise.

And by the way, other cousins have also found me via information they found on my tree and all are interesting stories.  It is always fun finding more relatives with a common ancestry and developing a friendship with them. You immediately have a common base for a friendship. As well as being related, they generally share the same hobby of genealogy which makes it even more fun.

Another way I use my information is for an online reference book. While doing Find A Grave Memorials and other projects, I have the Ancestry window open on any relatives I have worked up and switch back and forth for stats on that person. Perhaps you are more organized than I am about being able to put your finger on the exact person or line, but in the huge collection I own, well let's just say FORGET THAT ONE! I find it eventually. With all my information entered on, I just open up the tree I want and there it is. That saves a lot of frustration and it should always be safe online in case of unforeseen disasters or a computer crash. You haven't lost your treasured family history.

Did you also know that adding to is free? However, to research you need to have a subscription. Speaking personally, I didn't have a subscription for about a year and you don't know how many times I was frustrated not being able to check out details further. I'm loving having that ability to research again. Give it a try. You will really like it.

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Babcock-Cruttenden Annual Reunion 1960

60th Family Reunion Held

COOPERSTOWN---The 60th Annual Babcock – Cruttenden –Renwick Reunion was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Mumford, Oneonta, RD., with 56 members and friends from all over the state attending.

New officers elected for the ensuing year include Olen Houck, Oneonta, President; Mrs. Ned Van Buren, Howes Cave, vice president; Mrs. Reginald Higgins, Toddsville, secretary , and Mrs. Douglas Wasburn, Mount Vision, treasurer.


Eldred, Kenneth 1931 Graduated from Lehigh University

Kenneth Eldred, Bainbridge,
Graduates From Lehigh

Kenneth E. Eldred, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Eldred of Bainbridge, and grandson of the late Eugene Eldred, was graduated from Lehigh university at Bethlehem, Pa., Tuesday with a bachelor of science degree. He is a graduate of the Peddle school at Highstown, N. J. He played a prominent part in the social life of both these institutions. Kenneth Eldred is a member of the national fraternity of the Phi Sigma kappa, for two years being chairman of its rushing committee. In his freshman year he was elected to the A-70 club, an honorary scholarship society, being one of the 23 in the class of 300 to receive that honor. He will be associated with the Charles H. Eldred & Co. Inc. in the grain and coal business at Bainbridge.


Fire Razes Cheese Factory at Sidney 1932

Fire Razes Cheese Factory at Sidney

Loss Is Estimated at More Than $35,000
4 Auto Trucks Destroyed

Sidney, May 10 (Special)---Four auto trucks, 450 milk cans and the cheese factory on the main line of the Ontario & Western railroad were destroyed by fire here Saturday morning. The origin of the blaze is unknown and the loss is estimated at approximately $35,000.
In addition to the factory building itself, four motor trucks, owned by Arthur T. Kirby, Sidney contractor, which had been stored in the building, two sand and gravel bins, the boiler house and 450 milk cans owned by the Dairymen's league, were destroyed.
Mr. Kirby placed his loss at more than $15,000. One of the trucks destroyed was a large thermos milk conveyor, which had been delivered to him Friday afternoon. Loss to the Dairymen's league through destruction of the milk cans was fixed at more than $1,800.
A milk station adjacent to the factory, owned by the Dairymen's league, was saved by firemen. The league only recently had ceased receiving milk at the station.
The cheese factory was built in 1901 by a Monsieur DuParc of Paris, France, for the manufacture of French cheese. He had expensive equipment installed. The plant, it was said today, cost $20,000 to erect.
Rigid United States food laws forced M. DuParc out of business, however, and the plant was taken over by the Phenix Cheese company, one of the largest American cheese concerns. The Phenix company also abandoned the plant and it was taken over by the Aquetite company for the manufacture of special concrete blocks. Marvin E. Bennett of Sidney took over the plant from the Aquetite company.


Knapp, Albert 1932 Arson Uncovered Through Arrest

Arson Uncovered Through Arrest

Albert Knapp Confesses Setting Fires
When Held for Chicken Thefts

Cooperstown, May 4---Through the arrest of two men on charges of burglary, third degree and petit larceny, the mysterious fire which attacked the house and barns of Clyde Weldon at New Lisbon has been explained.
Albert Knapp, 30, of McDonough and Harold Thayer, 25, of New Lisbon, were the two arrested by Sergeant John L. Cunningham and Troopers C. D. Fordham and D. R. Keown of the state police. While questioning Knapp, Sergeant Cunningham asked him if he knew about the fire, and Knapp replied by making a full confession.
The pair were arraigned before Justice Harold D. Carpenter here late last night on the burglary and petit larceny charges. Both waived examination and were committed to the county jail to await the action of the grand jury.
Knapp faces a charge of third degree arson when the first case is disposed of. Thayer and he were brought here yesterday to be fingerprinted and photographed.
The burglary and larceny counts arose from the theft of chickens on the Edward Gillem farm at New Lisbon during the time the Thayer and Knapp families were living on the Weldon farm. Both signed confessions giving their part in the thefts.
Knapp was employed on the Weldon farm in March, and occupied a tenant house on the place. After working a month, he was discharged and told to vacated the premises. He moved to McDonough, April 25.
Saturday, according to his signed confession, Knapp decided to burn the buildings on the farm. After retiring for the night, about midnight he dressed and walked to McDonough. The confession states that he appropriated a car and drove to Naylor's Corners in the town of New Lisbon. The vehicle was parked in the woods near the farm.
Gasoline, taken from the car, was sprinkled on the house and barns and set afire, says the confession. Knapp knew, he says in his confession, that the barn was locked and that there were two horses and 12 head of cows in the structure. After starting the fires, Knapp's statement says, he returned the car to the place from which he had taken it and walked home.
Confessions were also obtained from Knapp and Thayer regarding the chicken thefts on the Edward Gillem farm near New Lisbon during the time that the Knapp and Thayer families resided together on the Weldon farm.
Following their arraignments, both defendants were taken to Oneonta today, where they were fingerprinted and photographed.


Lough, Geroge B. --Hartwick Barn Fire 1932

Lantern Explodes and Fires Hartwick Barn

Hartwick, Jan. 19---a lantern falling to the floor and exploding was the cause of a fire, which yesterday morning destroyed the entire contents of a barn on the farm of George B. Lough, two miles from here. The loss is estimated at $3,000. Mr. Lough carried $1,500 in insurance.
The owner entered the barn at 6 o'clock to attend to his chores. He was going overhead upstairs on a ladder to throw down hay, when the lantern fell and exploded. Mr. Lough was able to save 20 head of cattle and three horses. A quantity of hay, grain and tools were destroyed.

REV. WM. J. QUINCY HONOROED 1932 Former Morris Minister

Quincy, Rev. William J. 1932 Former Morris Minister Honored

Former Morris Minster Honored on 85th Birthday

Rev. William J. Quincy, former pastor of the Morris Baptist church and now pastor emeritus of the Tabernacle Baptist church in Schenectady, was honored on his 85th birthday Sunday, October 9, by receiving letters of congratulation from President Hoover and Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Recognition of the aged minister's birthday had been arranged by Rev. H. Stanley Jones, who succeded him four years ago as pastor of the church; and though Mr. Quincy knew that some honor was to be paid him, the letters expressing admiration for his many years of service came as a complete surprise to him. The letters were read before the congregation.
The birthday anniversary was observed at the morning service and in the evening Mr. Quincy preached a short sermon, his first in a long time, on “How to Live Long and Be Happy.” He spent 60 years in the active ministry, 22 of which were given to the service of the Tabernacle church. During his pastorate in Morris he made the friendship of many persons in Oneonta as well as in Morris and its vicinity.
His son, Rev. Harold M. Quincy of the First Baptist church at West Winfield, together with his wife and two children, was present to hear the birthday tributes paid his father, and he offered the closing prayer at the evening service. The younger Mr. Quincy was a visitor in Oneonta a few months ago.


Rockwell, Stuart and Rev. J. C. Calhoun in Automobile Crash 1932

Automobile Crash Injures Two Men

Stuart Rockwell of Garrattsville Suffers Severe Cut
When Tossed Through Windshield

Two men were injured, one seriously, in an automobile collision at the intersection of Chestnut and spring streets yesterday afternoon at 3:45 o'clock.
Stuart Rockwell, 38 years old, of Garrattsville, is in the Parshall hospital suffering from a severe cut on the neck and numerous scratches on the face. Rev. J. C. Calhoun, 78 years old, of Garrattsville, received treatment for a badly cut lip.
The accident involved cars driven by Rev. Calhoun and Geroge H. Koehler, 64 years old, of 6 Huntington avenue. Mr. Koehler was driving east in Chestnut street, while Rev. Mr. Calhoun was turning into Chestnut street from Spring street.
After being sideswiped, the Calhoun machine leaped the sidewalk in front of 94 Chestnut street and crashed into a tree. The impact tossed Mr. Rockwell, who was riding in the front seat, through the shatter-proof glass windshield of the car. He received a severe cut on the neck and was rushed to the Parshall hospital by Mr. Koehler, where his injury was treated by Dr. Marshall Latcher. His condition last night was reported as being satisfactory.
Rev. Mr. Calhoun was thrown heavily against the steering wheel of his machine and received a badly cut lip. Stanley Moudy of Garrattsville who was riding in the back seat of the Calhoun car, braced himself when he saw the car heading for the tree and escaped injury.

PS: It appears this accident happened in Oneonta from the street names and Parshall Hospital was in Oneonta. It is now known as Fox Hospital. 1932 was penned in on the news clipping. This is part of the Mary Boice Gale Collection and from an old scrapbook.

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Andrews, Francis Wed to Ruby Best 1930 Edmeston, NY

Andrews, Francis Wed to Ruby Best 1930 Edmeston, NY

Popular Edmeston Couple Is United in Marriage

Edmeston, Nov. 26---Francis Andrews, son of Charles Andrews and Miss Ruby Best, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Best, were united in marriage at the home of her parents Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock. The ceremony was performed by Rev. A. J. Weinhauer, pastor of the Second Baptist church.
They were attended by Miss Margaret Talbot and Howard Best, brother of the bride. More than 50 invited guests attended the services. A buffet luncheon was served following the ceremony.
The bride is a graduate of the Edmeston High school and the Utica School of Commerce. The bridegroom also is a graduate of the Edmeston High school. He is employed by the father of the bride, who is a prominent lumber dealer. The couple left this morning for a honeymoon to be spent in motoring throughout New York state. They will make their home on North street upon their return in a newly furnished apartment.
Many gifts were received by the couple, which included silverware, cut glass, and money.

Ballard, Melinda 1847-1932 Hartwick Obituary

Ballard, Melinda 1847-1932 Hartwick Obituary

Mrs. Melinda Ballard Passes Away Suddenly

Hartwick, Sept. 12---Mrs. Melinda Ballard, widow of the late George Ballard, died suddenly last evening at 9:30 at the home of her son, John Ballard, in the town of New Lisbon.
Mrs. Ballard was born in the town of Otsego 85 years ago, but she had been a resident of New Lisbon for many years. She was a member of the Christian church of Hartwick.
The funeral will be held at the home of her son Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Rev. C. J. Hurlburt, pastor of the Mt. Vision Baptist church, will officiate. Burial will be in the Hartwick cemetery.
Surviving are one son and one daughter, Mrs. J. R. Thompson of New Lisbon.
She had many friends who will regret to hear of her loss.

Bard, Anna 1884-1931 Hartwick Obituary

Bard, Anna 1884-1931 Hartwick Obituary

Mrs. Anna Bard, Hartwick,
Dies Following Operation

Hartwick, Sept. 3---Mrs. Anna Priscilla (Hickling) Bard, 46 years old, wife of Leon E. Bard, died this afternoon at the Fox Memorial hospital in Oneonta, following an operation for appendicitis Tuesday evening.
Funeral services will be held Sunday afternoon, and will include a prayer
service at 1 o'clock at her late home and a service in the Baptist church at 1:30. Rev. John T. Kehrer will officiate, and burial will be made in the village cemetery.
Mrs. Bard was born October 28, 1884, in the town of New Lisbon, the oldest daughter of Thomas W. and Jennie (Bassett) Hickling. She spent nearly all her life in the town of Hartwick or New Lisbon. She was married January 5, 1905, to Leon E. Bard, who survives her, as do a daughter, Charlotte, and a son, Newton, both at home. Other relatives still living are ; Her parents, residing in Edmeston, a sister, Mrs. T. H. Wood of Bouckville, and a brother, Grover T. Hickling of Edmeston.

Funeral of Mrs. Leon Bard
Sunday at Hartwick Church

Hartwick, Sept. 9---And exceptionally large number of friends and relatives were present to pay their final tribute to the memory of Mrs. Anna P. (Hickling) Bard, wife of Leon Bard, on Sunday afternoon. The funeral was held in the Baptist church and the pastor, Rev. George P. Kehrer, conducted the service. Burial was made in the Hartwick village cemetery. There were many and beautiful floral pieces from a host of friends.
H. L. Harrington, C. A. Bunn, John Holdridge, William Risley, L. D. Beach, and Gerald Hughes acted as bearers.
Those who attended the funeral from away were from Schenectady Utica, Bouckville, Unadilla, South New Berlin, Leonardsville, Otego, Oneonta, West Oneonta, Edmeston, Laurens, Toddsville, and Mt. Vision.
Much sympathy is extended to the husband, son and daughter, Milton and Charlotte Bard, residing at home.

Benjamin, Lizzie 1849-1932 New Lisbon Obituary

Benjamin, Lizzie 1849-1932 New Lisbon Obituary

Hold Last Rites for New Lisbon Resident

Deceased Was Native of Scotland---
Came to America When a Small Child

New Lisbon, July 29---Mrs. Lizzie Benjamin, widow of William G. Benjamin, passed away Tuesday morning, after many months illness.
She was born in Scotland, September 26, 1849, a daughter of William Renwick and Janette Davidson. The family came to America when she was a small child. About 60 years ago she married William Grose Benjamin. Most of their married life was passed on a farm near New Lisbon Center. Since the death of Mr. Benjamin, January 19, 1920, she had resided with her brother.
Mrs. Benjamin was from girlhood a faithful and devoted member of the Baptist church at New Lisbon Center, a woman of noble mind and unblemished character, always thoughtful of others in times of sickness and sorrow.
Surviving are two brothers, John Renwick and George Renwick of New Lisbon and several nieces, nephews and cousins.
The funeral was held at her late home Thursday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock. Rev. Stanley Moody, pastor of the Presbyterian church, officiated.
Interment was in the family plot in Butternut Valley cemetery at Brick Schoolhouse.

Mrs. Benjamin Dies

New Lisbon, July 26---Mrs. Lizzie (Renwick) Benjamin, 82, widow of William Benjamin, died about 9 o'clock this morning at the home of her brother, George Renwick. Death followed a long illness caused by heart and Bright's disease. The funeral will be held at 1:30 Thursday from the home, with burial in the Brick Schoolhouse cemetery.

Bennington, Charles 1846-1931 Garrattsville Obituary

Bennington, Charles 1846-1931 Garrattsville Obituary

Charles Bennington Dies Friday at Garrattsville

Garrattsville, June 21---Charles Bennington, who was born in the town of New Lisbon December 1, 1846, the eldest son of Robert and Eliza (Kenyon) Bennington, died at his home in Garrattsville Friday, June 18, at midnight. Nearly his whole life had been spent in this vicinity as cheesemaker, farmer and especially with blooded poultry.
He was an active member of the Methodist church as long as his health permitted, also taking an active interest in affairs of the town and state. Besides an invalid wife, he leaves one brother, John R. Bennington of Batavia; two sisters, Mrs. Phoebe Vrenne of Edmeston, and Mary Bennington of Garrattsville, also several nieces and nephews.
The funeral which will be private will be held from the home on Monday at 2 p. m.

Bingham, Charles 1849-1932 New Lisbon Obituary

Bingham, Charles 1849-1932 New Lisbon Obituary

Hold Rites for former Resident of New Lisbon

Remains of Charles Bingham Brought There
For Burial in Butternut Valley Cemetery
Sunday Afternoon

New Lisbon, July 12---The remains of Charles Bingham, a former resident here, were brought here from Groton Sunday afternoon for burial beside his wife in Butternut Valley cemetery at Brick School house.
Death was the result of a shock. He was 83 years of age and for a number of years had resided with his daughter, Mrs. Nellie Jones, at whose home he died. The family were residents of Garrattsville for several years before they moved to Hartwick and later to Groton.
Besides the daughter, he is survived by another daughter, Mrs. Donald Yates of Groton; one son, Hubert Bingham of Auburn, and several grandchildren.

Bishop, Charles H. 1854-1931 Edmeston Obituary

Bishop, Charles H. 1854-1931 Edmeston Obituary

Charles Bishop Passes Away at Home in Edmeston

Deceased Was Prominent figure in History of Baseball
at Village Funeral to Be Held Today

Edmeston, Dec. 25---Charles H. Bishop, prominent sportsman and job printer of this village, died Wednesday morning at 1:30 o'clock after a long illness. Mr. Bishop had been in ill health for the past two years. He was 77 years old.
Funeral services will be held Saturday morning at 11 o'clock in the F. H. Gates Undertaking parlors. Burial will be in Union cemetery.
Mr. Bishop was born in Morris in 1854 and was the son of Lewis and Julia Bishop. He came to Edmeston 45 years ago and for a short time taught school here. He then entered the grocery business and later opened a drug store here. For the last 15 years he has been engaged in the job printing business. He was married to Levina Chamberlain in 1893. She died in 1910. Mr. Bishop was an ardent baseball fan and for many years was identified with this sport in the village. He was the official scorer of all the important games played by teams representing Edmeston with other communities and was also one of the original sponsors of the game and the formation of a baseball club in this village. For the last 15 years he had made his home at the Gaskin house.
He is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Harry Prell of Middleburg, and three grandchildren.

Bloomfield, Allen J. 1883-1932 Richfield Springs Obituary

Bloomfield, Allen J. 1883-1932 Richfield Springs Obituary

Allen J. Bloomfield Dies at Hospital

Passes Away Last Evening at Cooperstown
Following Operation---
Man Widely Known, Respected

Hon. Allen J. Bloomfield of Richfield springs, easily one of Otsego county's most enterprising and public spirited citizens, died at the Bassett hospital at Cooperstown last night at about 10:30 o'clock, following an operation he had undergone at the hospital Monday for appendicitis, it being then disclosed that the appendix had ruptured.
News of his demise will be received with sincere regrets by all who knew this man, whose life has been full of public service and kindly deeds. No arrangements for the funeral have yet been made.
Mr. Bloomfield, who was 49 years of age, represented Otsego county in the assembly from 1915-1920, being advanced to the senate in the fall of the latter year and serving in that body for four years, to the satisfaction of his constituency and to the credit of himself. At the time of his death he was state committeeman of his party.
Born on the Bloomfield homestead just outside of the village of Richfield Springs, his life has been a part of the life of that community since he attained his majority. In his youth he was a stellar baseball player at Columbia university.
Mr. Bloomfield was president of the village, of the library board, of the Cemetery association, of the Cherry Valley Turnpike association. He was senior warden of St. John's Episcopal church. He also was prominent in Masonic circles and a moving spirit in all community and civic affairs.
Mr. Bloomfield is survived by his wife, who was formerly Mrs. Ruby Newcomb Quick; by one son, Allen E. Bloomfield; by two daughters, Misses Elizabeth and Lela, also residing at home, and by one brother, Russell Bloomfield, who still resides upon and conducts the homestead farm.
Mr. Bloomfield owned and conducted Bloomfield's the largest summer hotel at Richfield springs, was president of the Springs Park club which owned other hotels nearby, and during the past summer labored untiringly to maintain the Springs standing as a summer resort under adverse conditions. In recent years he has operated also the Luzerne, a large winter hotel at Orlando, Florida.

Boice, A. J. 1880-1963 Walton Funeral Card

Boice, A. J. 1880-1963 Walton Funeral Card

In Memory of


Date of Birth
July 29, 1880
Loomis, N. Y.

Date of Death
February 4, 1963
Walton, N. Y.

Place and Time of Service
Lyon Brothers' Chapel
Walton, N. Y.
February 7, 1963, 2:00 p. m.

Rev. Richard W. Griffin

Place of Interment
Walton Cemetery
Walton, N. Y.


Alford J. Boice was born to Abram Ladieu 1837-1918 and Henriot 1847-1937 (Austin) Boice. He married twice. First to Amber M. Henderson 1882-1967 in 1905. They had one son, Elmo in 1906. Second, he married
Florence N. Nichols 1885-1958. They had one son, Herman A. Boice 1921-2009.

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Brown, Stanley wed to Enna J. Herring Laurens 1931

Brown, Stanley wed to Enna J. Herring Laurens 1931

Quiet Home Wedding Wednesday at Laurens

Miss Enna J. Herring Becomes Bride of
Stanley Brown of Hartwick
Rev. J. C. Rankin of Worcester officiates

At 8 o'clock on Wednesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Herring, their daughter, Enna J., became the bride of Stanley Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brown of Hartwick. Only the immediate members of the two families and a few near friends were present at the ceremony. Bride and bridegroom were unattended. The bride was charming in a gown of blue chiffon.
Rev. J. C. Rankin of Worcester, former pastor and an intimate friend of the bride's family, officiated, the ceremony being before an arch of ferns and flowers. The impressive ring service was used.
The dining room was trimmed with pink and white and the wedding cake was a fine creation, expressly made for the occasion by the Thomas Baking company of Hartwick, by which the bridegroom is employed; and a miniature bride and bridegroom featured the top.
For the past two years Mrs. Brown has been a valued saleslady of the S. S. Kresge company of Oneonta; and the bridegroom is a graduate of Hartwick High school. The presents were appropriate and beautiful and consisted of china, rugs and furniture. After a brief wedding trip they will reside at Hartwick.
Many friends of the bride and bridegroom extend best wishes for a long and happy wedded life.

Canfield, Clyde E. 1874-1932 Oneonta Obituary

Canfield, Clyde E. 1874-1932 Oneonta Obituary

Clyde E. Canfield Dies
From Pernicious Anemia

Former Oneonta Grocer, Retired Five Years Ago
Because of Health—Funeral Services Friday

Clyde E. Canfield, for the past 18 years a resident of Oneonta, who until his health required retirement about five years ago, conducted a grocery store at 9 Elm street for more than 11 years, died about 9:45 o'clock yesterday morning at the Parshall hospital of pernicious anemia. He had not been in good health since his retirement and since August 15, had been confined to his bed, for more than six months at the hospital.
Funeral services will be held at the home Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev. C. Frederic Fraser, pastor of the First Presbyterian church, officiating in the absence of his minister, Rev. George H. Phillips of the First Methodist church. Burial will be made in Glenwood cemetery.
Cyde E. Canfield was born, September 13, 1874, at Stamford, the son of Charles C. and Susan (Lyon) Canfield. He spent his boyhood there and after some business experience, opened a grocery store, which he conducted for nine years before coming to Oneonta 18 years ago. He married Miss Effie Montgomery at Davenport, June 1, 1899.
Mr. Canfield's first position here was a manager of the store of Arthur M. Butts, one which he then purchased the grocery business of Terrell & Campbell at 9 Elm street, which he operated until his health failed five years ago.
In his business he was found honest and honorable, accommodating, and friendly and hosts of Oneontans remember kindnesses which he gladly accorded. Mr. Canfield was also a loving and devoted husband and father. He was a member of the Masonic lodge at Stamford, the Oneonta Elks' lodge, and the First Methodist church and a man generally held in high regard.
Surviving are his wife and two children, Miss Virginia Canfield, a teacher at Stamford, and Howard C. Canfield, a senior at Oneonta High school; his mother, Mrs. Susan Canfield of Stamford; two sisters, Mrs. Wilbur Champlin of Stamford and Mrs. J. Leslie Flower of Hamilton, and one niece, Mrs. Harold Elsbree of East Worcester. To them the sympathy of many friends will be extended.

Comment: There were several errors in spelling in this obituary which I corrected such as spelling anemia as anaemia.

Card, Frank L. 1865-1932 Morris Obituary

Card, Frank L. 1865-1932 Morris Obituary

Death of Frank L. Card, Life-Long Morris Resident

Morris, June 28---Frank L. Card, a life-long resident of Morris passed away suddenly at his home at the breakfast hour Monday morning of heart failure.
He was born in Morris, 67 years ago and received his education here and entered business at once. For over 40 years he had been in the Potter store, when it passed to other hands he being retained.
He was an earnest and faithful member of Zion church and at the time of his passing, was a member of the vestry, and its clerk. In May, 1906, he was married to Miss Elizabeth Moore of Morris, who survives him. There is also one brother, Eugene W. Card, of Oneonta, and a number of nephews and nieces who live near.
Few Men were better liked or more personally popular than Mr. Card, because of his quiet good-natured ways and it is quite probable that no better known business man could be named here.
The funeral service is to be on Wednesday at 2 o'clock at Zion church, after a short service at the late residence. The bearers are chosen from the vestrymen of the church and one neighbor friend.
The committal service will follow immediately at the Hilltop in old Hillington cemetery.

Card, Jennie M. (Seeber) Tilley 1858-1931 New Berlin Obituary

Card, Jennie M. (Seeber) Tilley 1858-1931 New Berlin Obituary

Mrs. Jennie M. Card Dies After Extended Illness

Mother of Edward G. Tilley of 4 Walling Bouleward
Succumbs at Edmeston---Long Resident of New Berlin

Mrs. Jennie M. Card, mother of Edward G. Tilley of 4 Walling boulevard who was long a resident of New Berlin and well known throughout Otsego county, died yesterday morning at 8 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Grace D. Talbot, Edmeston, where she had been receiving care for several weeks. She had been in failing health for the past eight years as the result of a series of shocks and for the past year she had been totally blind. About a week ago she suffered another shock and she had failed almost steadily since that time.
Funeral services will be held from the Gates funeral home at Edmeston Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock conducted by Rev. Willam Swope of the Edmeston Methodist Episcopal church, formerly of Schuyler Lake and a personal friend of Mrs. Card. Interment will be made in the family plot of Burlington Green cemetery.
Jennie M. Seeber was born July 2, 1858, in the town of Burlington, the daughter of James and Mary (Shaw) Seeber. That was her home until after her marriage about 48 years ago to J. Briggs Tilley, then moving to Englewood, N. J., where Mr. Tilley was employed. They later lived at Hackensack, N. J., for a time before returning to New Berlin, where for many years Mrs. Tilley conducted a dressmaking establishment that was well known throughout the county.
After the death of Mr. Tilley about 15 years ago, Mrs. Tilley was married to William Card of Pittsfield in 1922 and he died in 1925. She made her home at Fly Creek for some time, but for the past four years she had made her home with her son. He with a granddaughter are the only near surviving relatives, Mrs. Card being the last to succumb of a family of four. A daughter Miss Mary Tilley, died at Pittsfield, Mass., in 1917.
Mrs. Card was a member of the Presbyterian church at New Berlin and of the W. C. T. U. there, a woman held in high regard by wide circles of friends.

Carr, Edwin P. 1845-1931 Last Civil War Veteran at New Lisbon

Carr, Edwin P. 1845-1931 Last Civil War Veteran at New Lisbon

Last New Lisbon Veteran Of Civil War Dies Friday

Funeral of Edwin P. Carr, Aged Resident of Township,
to be Held This Afternoon

New Lisbon, July 26---Edwin P. Carr, one of the oldest residents of
New Lisbon, died at his home at 11 o'clock Friday night, aged 86 years. He was the last survivor of the Civil war in the town of New Lisbon. The funeral will be held at his late home Monday at 1 p. m. Rev. F. G. Leonard of Morris will officiate. Interment will be at Fly Creek.

Chamberlaine, John L. wed to Marie Telfer 1930

  Chamberlaine, John L. wed  to Marie Telfer 1930

Miss Marie Telfer to John L. Chamberlaine

Mrs. John L. Chamberlaine, formerly Miss Marie Telfer, is expected to take up her residence in Albany late this week, upon return from her honeymoon.
Mr. Chamberlaine, salesman for the Fleischmann's Yeast company, and Miss Telfer left the city early last Saturday morning, informing friends that they were to be married somewhere en route to the Capital City. They obtained their license here early that morning.
For the past four years, the bride had been office assistant for Dr. L. S. DeLa-Mater, 210 Main Street. She was well known and liked here. Many friends offer her their best wishes.
Mr. Chamberlaine, whose territory extends between Utica and Kingston, formerly lived at 41 Fleetwood avenue, Albany. The future address of the couple is not known.

Churchill, Frank Lull 1869-1931 Morris Obituary

Churchill, Frank Lull 1869-1931 Morris Obituary

Frank Lull Churchill Dies Sunday at Home Near Morris

Was Life-Long, Respected Resident of Community
Where He Died---Funeral Wednesday

Morris, Jan. 28---Frank Lull Churchill, only child of James and Carrie (Lull) Churchill, passed quietly to rest at his home, about two miles below Morris, on Sunday morning, January 25, after an illness of many months' duration.
Mr. Churchill, who was born December 26, 1869, spent his entire life on the farm where he died, as did also his mother, the late Carrie Lull Churchill, who died in June, 1930. His early education was secured at the Filer school and later he attended the then Morris Union school. After his education was completed, he became associated with his father on the farm and continued to operate it until the time of his death.
He was married October 23, 1906, to Bertha Starr, only daughter of Henry and Celia (Hull) Starr. To them one son, Starr Churchill, was born, a young man of unusually fine attainments, whose untimely death last May 4 caused widespread sorrow.
Mr. Churchill, who was not in good health at the time of the passing of his son, was unable to rally from the shock, and he continued gradually to fail from that time to the end.
The deceased was a man highly respected by all who knew him, quiet and of a reserved character, yet he had a large circle of friends, all of whom will cherish his memory. He was always interested in any movement which would further the development of this township and held numerous offices of trust at various times.
To Mrs. Churchill, who has been bereft of both husband and son within less than a year, the sincere sympathy of the community is extended.
The funeral services, conducted by the Rev. F. G. Leonard of the Universalist church, were held at his late home this Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock with burial in the family plot in Hillington cemetery.

Colvin, Leroy S. 1859-1932 Morris Obituary

Colvin, Leroy S. 1859-1932 Morris Obituary

Leroy S. Colvin Dies At Home in Morris

Morris, Sept. 9---Leroy Colvin, who had been a resident of Lower Dimmock Hollow for many years, passed away at his late home Thursday morning. At midnight, when his son and daughter retired, he was alright, but at 5:30, when the son came down stairs he found his father on the floor, where he had fallen a few hours before. Death was caused by heart failure. He had been in unusually good health this summer until the extreme heat came about a week ago, when he had a poor spell.
Deceased was born in the town of Morris, August 4, 1859, son of Christopher and Harriet Colvin. March 25, 1896, he was united in marriage to Bertha Bailey who passed away in 1926.
Those surviving are the son, Arthur, and daughter, Myrtle, who reside at home; also one sister, Mrs. Alida Backus.
Mr. Colvin was a sincere Christian man, being a member of the Baptist church at Morris, a good neighbor and friend and one who will be missed by the community.
The funeral will be held at his late home Saturday at 2:00 p. m., with Rev. H. E. Danielson and Rev. F. G. Leonard, officiating.

LeRoy Colvin Buried; Bearers All Nephews

Morris, Sept. 13---The funeral of Leroy Colvin was held at his late home Saturday at 2 p. m., Rev. H. E. Danielson and Rev. F. G. Leonard officiating. A large assembly of relatives, neighbors and friends were in attendance. Following the Scripture and prayer, both pastors spoke of his love for the Bible, reading and meditating upon it a great deal, of his devotion to his family, and his interest as a citizen.
Many beautiful flowers were brought, many being from the home flower gardens.
The bearers were nephews, Earl and George Bailey, Jay Curry of Morris, Cecil and Floyd Baker of Oneonta, and Glenn Ferguson of Rochester.
Burial was made in the family plot at the Chapel cemetery beside his wife.

Curtis, Miss Charlotte Died 1932 Morris Death Notice

Curtis, Miss Charlotte Died 1932 Morris Death Notice


Miss Charlotte Curtis

Miss Charlotte Curtis, formerly cashier at the Oneonta Department store, died at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon, at Morris, following an illness of several months. The funeral will be held at 2 o'clock, Saturday afternoon, at the Universalist church.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Daniels, Alice Gregory 1849-1931 Unadilla Obituary

Daniels, Alice Gregory 1849-1931 Unadilla Obituary

Mrs. Albert Daniels Passes Away at Home in Unadilla

Unadilla, April 12---Mrs. Albert Daniels, 82 years old, died Friday evening at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ira Harrison. The funeral will be held on Monday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock from the Harrison home. Burial will be at Morris, Rev. John T. Lyon officiating
Mrs. Alice Gregory Daniels was born April 30, 1849, at Garrattsville. Her father was Andrew Gregory, her mother Rebecca (Smith) Gregory. Mrs. Daniels moved to New Lisbon when a small child and continued living there until 10 years after her marriage, which occurred 57 years ago. The balance of her married life was spent in the town of Butternuts.
She has been a most loyal member of the Gilbertsville Baptist church for over 45 years, and much beloved and respected in the community. In the past year that she has made her home in Unadilla, she has made many friends, who feel the influence of her Christian character.
She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. William Wright of Frederick, Md., Mrs. Ira Harrison of Unadilla, and two sons, Frank Daniels and Leon Daniels of Gilbertsville, 17 grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren; four sisters, Mrs. Elvira Bolton of Cooperstown, Mrs. Jane Hendrix of Gilbertsville, Mrs. Theressa Carlton of New Lisbon, Mrs. Rosanna Wallace of Auburn, and two brothers, Leon Gregory of Laurens, and Andrew Gregory of Mt. Vision.

Decker, Ceylon Calvin wed to Beatrice Ellen Tripp 1932 Morris, NY

Decker, Ceylon Calvin wed to Beatrice Ellen Tripp 1932 Morris, NY

Well Known Morris Residents Are Wedded

Miss Beaturice Tripp Becomes Bride of
Ceylon Decker at West Oneonta Church--
Rev. O. B. Hill Officiates

Morris, Aug. 22.---A quiet wedding took place at the West Oneonta Baptist church Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock when Beatrice Ellen, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Tripp of this village, became the bride of Ceylon Calvin Decker, son of Mr. and Mrs. Marion Decker also of Morris. Rev. O. B. Hill officiated.
The bride was attired in white silk crepe, carrying a bouquet of white asters and sweet peas. Her attendant, Miss Dorothy Preston, a close friend, wore a white suit and carried a bouquet of mixed garden flowers. The groom was attended by Ralph Jordan. The parents also witnessed the ceremony.
Following the ceremony, the happy couple left for Pennsylvania to visit relatives. On their return, they will reside at the home of Virgil Crumb in Morris.
Mr. and Mrs. Decker are a popular young couple, and the best wishes of a host of friends go with them.



Miss Beatrice Ella Tripp and Ceylon Calvin Decker, both of Morris, were married at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon in the West Oneonta Baptist church by Rev. O. B. Hill. Attendants of the young couple were Miss Dorothy Preston and Ralph Jordan, also of Morris. Parents of both the bride and the groom witnessed the ceremony.

Births -- 1935

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Ceylon C. Decker of Morris, a daughter, Marilyn Elaine, at the Parshall hospital Sunday. Weight, eight pounds, 10 ounces.

Doig, Russell I. Wed to Frances Allene Ritter 1932 at Oneonta

Doig, Russell I. Wed to Frances Allene Ritter 1932 at Oneonta

Doig-Ritter Marriage In Oneonta U. P. Church

Popular Teacher at Edmeston Weds Principal
of Trumansburg Central School--
Pre-Nuptial Events

On Tuesday morning, June 30, occurred the marriage of Frances Allene, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George H. Ritter of Edmeston, to Russell I. Doig, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Doig of Upland, Cal., at the United Presbyterian church in Oneonta, the Rev. V. M. Cosby, pastor of that church, officiating.
The bride was attended by Miss Elizabeth Bass of Edmeston and William Talbot, also of Edmeston, acted as best man.
Promptly at 10 o'clock to an organ accompainment, the bridal party assembled at the altar. The bride wore a gown of eggshell satin and lace, with matching horsehair hat and matching accessories. She carried a bouquet of Mrs. Coolidge roses. The maid of honor wore natural linen lace, with Panama hat and matching accessories. She carried a bouquet of pink Briarcliff roses.
Following the ceremony the guests motored to the Trelawn inn at Delhi, where a wedding breakfast was served. Immediately after the breakfast Mr. and Mrs. Doig left on a wedding trip. After September 1 they will be at home at 14 South street, Trumansburg.
The bride was graduated from the Edmeston High school in 1923 and from the College of Home Economics, Syracuse university, in 1927. She held a position in Charleston, Vt., and for the past three years has taught Homemaking in the Edmeston High school.
The bridegroom was graduated from the Walton High school in 1918, and from Cornell university in 1923. For two years he taught agriculture in the Edmeston High school, then instructed in science in the New York State School of Agriculture at St. Lawrence university. During the past five years he has been principal of the Edmeston High school. He has accepted the position of super-

The saved clipping ended with super-. At least the main information was included. Transcribed by Donna Davenport from the Mary Boice Gale

Elliott, Thomas 1867-1932 New Lisbon Obituary

Elliott, Thomas 1867-1932 New Lisbon Obituary

Garrattsville Man Dies Suddenly at Family Home

New Lisbon, Oct. 6---Thomas Elliott, 65, passed away suddenly this morning at his home in Garrattsville. While not in the best of health recently, he arose this morning in fine spirits. After breakfast with his family, he was suddenly stricken. He expired before the arrival of medical aid. Death was apparently caused by a heart ailment.
He was born on the Elliott homestead about three miles from Garratttsville on October 1, 1867, a son of William and Isabelle Hall Smith Elliott. He was a member of the Presbyterian church, and was a man who enjoyed the friendship of many.
Surviving are his wife and one sister, Miss Dorothy Elliott, who resided with him. A brother, George, also died suddenly this year from a heart ailment.
Funeral services will be held Saturday afternoon at 1 o'clock from the family home. Rev. C. E. Vermilya and Rev. E. E. Hutchinson of Morris will officiate. Interment will be in the family plot of the Butternut Valley cemetery at Brick School House.

New Lisbon

Funeral of Thomas Elliott Largely Attended on Saturday

New Lisbon, Oct. 10---The funeral services for Thomas Elliott, whose sudden death was briefly mentioned in a recent issue of The Star, was very largely attended Saturday afternoon at 1 o'clock at his late home at Garrattsville. Rev. E. E. Hutchinson and Rev. C. E. Vermilya conducted the services. The floral tributes were large and beautiful. The bearers were Stewart Holdridge, Harold Lasher, Andrew Elliott, Andy Hall, Ned Elliott, and Dr. William Elliott. Interment was beside his first wife in Butternut Valley cemetery.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Etienne, Peter A wed to Elsie J. Harris 1932 Morris, NY

Etienne, Peter A wed to Elsie J. Harris 1932 Morris, NY

Oneonta Normal Graduate Bride of Peter A. Etienne

Morris, July 26---Miss Elsie J. Harris, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Harris of this village, became the bride of Peter Anatole Etienne at a pretty ceremony performed at the Episcopal church Saturday by the Rev. E. E. Hutchinson, pastor. The bride is a graduate of Oneonta Normal school and has been a teacher in the Central rural school here.
The couple was attended by Miss Veronica Sloane of Syracuse, cousin of the bride and Principal Everett Webb of South New Berlin. The bride was charmingly gowned in light blue crepe traveling suit. Her attendant wore a white crepe traveling suit.
Both of the young people are well known here. Mrs. Etienne graduated from Morris High school, prior to attending Oneonta Normal. Mr. Etienne is a graduate of Colgate university and came to Morris several years ago as assistant principal. He later became principal and has held that position since.
Following the ceremony, the couple motored to Providence, R. I., and Nova Scotia on their wedding trip.

Fuller, Lavern L. wed to Elizabeth Briggs 1931 at Mt. Vision

Fuller, Lavern L. wed to Elizabeth Briggs 1931 at Mt. Vision

Briggs-Miller Nuptial

Well-Known Residents of New Lisbon
and Mt. Vision Married on Saturday Last

Mt. Vision, Oct. 12---Miss Elizabeth Briggs, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Briggs of New Lisbon, and Lavern L. Fuller, a progressive farmer of Mt. Vision, were quietly married at 8:30 o'clock Saturday evening, October 10, at the Baptist parsonage in Mt. Vision, by the Rev. Clyde J. Hurlbutt, the ring ceremony being used. The bride was gowned in dark brown satin crepe, with hat to match. Her attendant in dark brown crepe, with black hat.
The couple were attended by Mr. and Mrs. David Skellie of Mt. Vision, life-long neighbors and friends of the bridal couple. They will reside at the Lake place, which Mr. Fuller recently acquired, and has been repairing.
Hosts of friends and neighbors wish the newlyweds much happiness and congratulate them as they embark on the matrimonial sea. They left Sunday morning to visit relatives at Westford and Middlefield.

A Variety Shower

On Wednesday evening friends and relatives of Mr. and Mrs. Lavern Fuller to the number of 125 met at the home of Earl Briggs at Lena the life-long home of Mrs. Fuller for a variety shower.
Mrs. Carkee, in well chosen words in behalf of the gathering, presented to them many beautiful and useful gifts, including linen, glassware, pyrex, bridge lamps, blankets, end tables, and towels.
A delicious supper was served, at which time the bride and bridegroom were presented with a decorated cake, which they cut and which was served to all the guests.
The guests departed in the wee hours of the morning, wishing them many happy years of wedded life. Guests were present from Hartwick, Cooperstown, Mt. Vision, Laurens, Westford, Garrattsville, and South New Berlin.

Gilbert, Ida Collins 1886-1932 Phoenix Mills Obituary

Gilbert, Ida Collins 1886-1932 Phoenix Mills Obituary

Mrs. William Gilbert Dies
At Cooperstown Hospital

Cooperstown, Jan. 26---Mrs. William Gilbert, 45 years old, of Phoenix Mills, died in the Mary Imogene Bassett hospital at 8:25 o'clock Monday night, having been a patient in that institution since Dec. 18. Peritonitis was the cause of death.
The funeral will be held from the Ingalls Funeral parlors in this village Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock Rev. H. W. Thomas, pastor of the Methodist church, will officiate. Burial will be in the cemetery at Hartwick Seminary.
Mrs. Gilbert was Ida Collins, daughter of Edward G. and Emma Gilbert Collins, and was born in New York city, July 3, 1886. The family moved to this locality from Delaware county about 10 years ago. Surviving are her husband, William Gilbert and two sons, William and Edward Gilbert, both of whom are employed as orderlies in the hospital.

Gillette, Robert Died 1932 at St. Louis, Mo.

Gillette, Robert Died 1932

Brother of New Lisbon Man Dies in St. Louis

Robert Gillette Passes Away at Home in Missouri City
Burial To Be Made at Morris

New Lisbon, Aug. 24---Myron E. Gillette of this city has received word of the death of his half brother, Robert Gillette, which occurred at the latter's home in St. Louis, Mo. The body will be cremated and the ashes sent east for burial in the family plot in Hillington cemetery at Morris.

Gregory, Clare 1910-1931 Formerly of New Lisbon

Gregory, Clare Othello  1910-1931 Formerly of New Lisbon

Nephew of Mt. Vision Man Dies in Arkansas

Word has been received by C. O. Gregory of Mt. Vision of the death in Waters, Arkansas, March 10, of his nephew, Clare Gregory, son of Horatio E. Gregory. The latter spent his early life in the town of New Lisbon and had a wide circle of friends and acquaintances in Otsego and Delaware counties. He moved to Arkansas 25 years ago and has been prominent in farming and business affairs in the community where he made his home.
Clare Gregory's death was diagnosed as due to spinal meningitis resulting from an injury to his ear about eight years ago. He was sawing wood, it was reported, and a swaying oak branch pushed a small twig inside his ear. He was a junior in High school, and a letter received by his uncle from J. H. Shaw, superintendent of schools at Oden, Arkansas, paid tribute to the young man as an exceptional student and a star basketball player, as well as a popular lad in the school and community.

Find A Grave Memorial for Clare Othello Gregory