Friday, June 29, 2012

REV. WM. J. QUINCY HONOROED 1932 Former Morris Minister

Quincy, Rev. William J. 1932 Former Morris Minister Honored

Former Morris Minster Honored on 85th Birthday

Rev. William J. Quincy, former pastor of the Morris Baptist church and now pastor emeritus of the Tabernacle Baptist church in Schenectady, was honored on his 85th birthday Sunday, October 9, by receiving letters of congratulation from President Hoover and Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Recognition of the aged minister's birthday had been arranged by Rev. H. Stanley Jones, who succeded him four years ago as pastor of the church; and though Mr. Quincy knew that some honor was to be paid him, the letters expressing admiration for his many years of service came as a complete surprise to him. The letters were read before the congregation.
The birthday anniversary was observed at the morning service and in the evening Mr. Quincy preached a short sermon, his first in a long time, on “How to Live Long and Be Happy.” He spent 60 years in the active ministry, 22 of which were given to the service of the Tabernacle church. During his pastorate in Morris he made the friendship of many persons in Oneonta as well as in Morris and its vicinity.
His son, Rev. Harold M. Quincy of the First Baptist church at West Winfield, together with his wife and two children, was present to hear the birthday tributes paid his father, and he offered the closing prayer at the evening service. The younger Mr. Quincy was a visitor in Oneonta a few months ago.

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