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Rockwell, Stuart and Rev. J. C. Calhoun in Automobile Crash 1932

Automobile Crash Injures Two Men

Stuart Rockwell of Garrattsville Suffers Severe Cut
When Tossed Through Windshield

Two men were injured, one seriously, in an automobile collision at the intersection of Chestnut and spring streets yesterday afternoon at 3:45 o'clock.
Stuart Rockwell, 38 years old, of Garrattsville, is in the Parshall hospital suffering from a severe cut on the neck and numerous scratches on the face. Rev. J. C. Calhoun, 78 years old, of Garrattsville, received treatment for a badly cut lip.
The accident involved cars driven by Rev. Calhoun and Geroge H. Koehler, 64 years old, of 6 Huntington avenue. Mr. Koehler was driving east in Chestnut street, while Rev. Mr. Calhoun was turning into Chestnut street from Spring street.
After being sideswiped, the Calhoun machine leaped the sidewalk in front of 94 Chestnut street and crashed into a tree. The impact tossed Mr. Rockwell, who was riding in the front seat, through the shatter-proof glass windshield of the car. He received a severe cut on the neck and was rushed to the Parshall hospital by Mr. Koehler, where his injury was treated by Dr. Marshall Latcher. His condition last night was reported as being satisfactory.
Rev. Mr. Calhoun was thrown heavily against the steering wheel of his machine and received a badly cut lip. Stanley Moudy of Garrattsville who was riding in the back seat of the Calhoun car, braced himself when he saw the car heading for the tree and escaped injury.

PS: It appears this accident happened in Oneonta from the street names and Parshall Hospital was in Oneonta. It is now known as Fox Hospital. 1932 was penned in on the news clipping. This is part of the Mary Boice Gale Collection and from an old scrapbook.

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