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Bloomfield, Allen J. 1883-1932 Richfield Springs Obituary

Bloomfield, Allen J. 1883-1932 Richfield Springs Obituary

Allen J. Bloomfield Dies at Hospital

Passes Away Last Evening at Cooperstown
Following Operation---
Man Widely Known, Respected

Hon. Allen J. Bloomfield of Richfield springs, easily one of Otsego county's most enterprising and public spirited citizens, died at the Bassett hospital at Cooperstown last night at about 10:30 o'clock, following an operation he had undergone at the hospital Monday for appendicitis, it being then disclosed that the appendix had ruptured.
News of his demise will be received with sincere regrets by all who knew this man, whose life has been full of public service and kindly deeds. No arrangements for the funeral have yet been made.
Mr. Bloomfield, who was 49 years of age, represented Otsego county in the assembly from 1915-1920, being advanced to the senate in the fall of the latter year and serving in that body for four years, to the satisfaction of his constituency and to the credit of himself. At the time of his death he was state committeeman of his party.
Born on the Bloomfield homestead just outside of the village of Richfield Springs, his life has been a part of the life of that community since he attained his majority. In his youth he was a stellar baseball player at Columbia university.
Mr. Bloomfield was president of the village, of the library board, of the Cemetery association, of the Cherry Valley Turnpike association. He was senior warden of St. John's Episcopal church. He also was prominent in Masonic circles and a moving spirit in all community and civic affairs.
Mr. Bloomfield is survived by his wife, who was formerly Mrs. Ruby Newcomb Quick; by one son, Allen E. Bloomfield; by two daughters, Misses Elizabeth and Lela, also residing at home, and by one brother, Russell Bloomfield, who still resides upon and conducts the homestead farm.
Mr. Bloomfield owned and conducted Bloomfield's the largest summer hotel at Richfield springs, was president of the Springs Park club which owned other hotels nearby, and during the past summer labored untiringly to maintain the Springs standing as a summer resort under adverse conditions. In recent years he has operated also the Luzerne, a large winter hotel at Orlando, Florida.

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