Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Excited to find the first 1940 Census on

I frequently use my for information.  And this afternoon, I had a nice surprise.  On the person I was checking, the 1940 Census index was available.  That is in NY State.   It is the first one I've found and it was great to find.  I immediately added it to his page and copy and pasted the names in the house hold and added his occupation.  This is added effort on people that I consider important in my family tree and branches, but it is great to later be able to find at a glance where they lived on each census as well as who was in the household.  It makes for as complete a picture as I can get at a glance.
Another neat addition with the 1940 census is that the family you are seeking are highlighted in colors so they are easy to follow across the page.

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