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Fire Razes Cheese Factory at Sidney 1932

Fire Razes Cheese Factory at Sidney

Loss Is Estimated at More Than $35,000
4 Auto Trucks Destroyed

Sidney, May 10 (Special)---Four auto trucks, 450 milk cans and the cheese factory on the main line of the Ontario & Western railroad were destroyed by fire here Saturday morning. The origin of the blaze is unknown and the loss is estimated at approximately $35,000.
In addition to the factory building itself, four motor trucks, owned by Arthur T. Kirby, Sidney contractor, which had been stored in the building, two sand and gravel bins, the boiler house and 450 milk cans owned by the Dairymen's league, were destroyed.
Mr. Kirby placed his loss at more than $15,000. One of the trucks destroyed was a large thermos milk conveyor, which had been delivered to him Friday afternoon. Loss to the Dairymen's league through destruction of the milk cans was fixed at more than $1,800.
A milk station adjacent to the factory, owned by the Dairymen's league, was saved by firemen. The league only recently had ceased receiving milk at the station.
The cheese factory was built in 1901 by a Monsieur DuParc of Paris, France, for the manufacture of French cheese. He had expensive equipment installed. The plant, it was said today, cost $20,000 to erect.
Rigid United States food laws forced M. DuParc out of business, however, and the plant was taken over by the Phenix Cheese company, one of the largest American cheese concerns. The Phenix company also abandoned the plant and it was taken over by the Aquetite company for the manufacture of special concrete blocks. Marvin E. Bennett of Sidney took over the plant from the Aquetite company.

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