Wednesday, August 22, 2012


While I was sending this 'Line of Descent' to a new found cousin from my family line, I thought
I would share it with you as another neat example of what is offered..  I love this mode on Ancestry.  You can click on any name and find out how that person is related to you as seen on Edward Wellman.
You also can click on any of those underlined names in the list to go to their page and all their information.  I STAR each person in my direct line of descent to more easily identify them.

Edward Wellman * (1540 - 1594)
is your 10th great grandfather
Thomas Wellman* (1594-1685)
Son of Edward
Thomas Wellman* (1620-16720)
Son of Thomas
Isaac L Wellman* (1647-1724)
Son of Thomas
Isaac Wellman* (1685-1740)
Son of Isaac L
Timothy Wellman* (1724-1790)
Son of Isaac
Isaac Wellman* (1764-1834)
Son of Timothy
Joseph Wellman* (1795-1867)
Son of Isaac
Lavinia Elvira Wellman*
Daughter of Joseph

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