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Vital Statistics, Town of New Lisbon, NY, 1936

Vital Statistics, Town of New Lisbon, NY, 1936

                    TOWN OF NEW LISBON

January 6, Eva Jane, to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Harrington.

January 15, John Robert to Mr. and Mrs. George Turnbull.

March 30, Glenn Howard to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Morse.

April 18, Rose Etta, to Mr. and Mrs. John Ballard.

May 13, Cecelia, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gracyalny.

June 17, Glenn Robert, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson.
June 18, Ralph Harold to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lasher.

September 14, Janette, to Mr. and Mrs. John White.

October 8, Audrey L. to Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Palmer.

October 29, Grover Jason to Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Morehouse.

November 16, Milton Otis to Mr. and Mrs. Howard Simonds.

December 28, Elaine Ann, to Mr. and Mrs. Howard Robinson.


Jan. 3, Charles J. Thorpe, age 66.

Jan. 6, Lee Parker, age 35 years.

Feb. 2, Charles Card, age 69 years.
Feb. 15, George Nearing, age 75.

March 4, Thomas Ward, age 72.

March 14, Jane Harrington, age 85.

April 25, Ellen Stafford, age 86.

May 6, Stephen M ??

May 18, Edga??

June 4, Joh??

July 26, Sorry, all this information is missing

Aug. 6,

Sept. 16, ??

Nov. 9, Irene Parker

Nov. 23, Elijah Parker

Nov. 28, Sarah A--- --------, age 84

Dec. 15, Julia S__________ll, age 72


January 20, Madge Gregory to Owen Lavery.

July 5, Lottie Willsey to Arthur Southworth

August 3, Marie Ward to William (typo-last name missing)

Sept. 12, Charlotte Barton to John Iukash.

October 18, Hazel Eldred to Smith George.

November 20, Pauline Tarbox to Delwood Hanner.

December 25, Virginia Elizabeth McCagg to Arthur D. Owen.

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