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Vital Statistics, Town of New Lisbon, NY, 1935

Vital Statistics, Town of New Lisbon, NY, 1935

Following is the vital statistics as recorded at the office of the town clerk
of New Lisbon:


Mar. 22, G. Adrian Gregory, 76
Mar. 26, Addie Joslyn, 74
July 12, Rupert Rainey, 56
August 23, Ida A. Ball, 65
Sept. 27, Helen Breese, 93
Dec. 23, Sager M. Utter, 87
Dec. 23, Hazel Davis Robinson, 42
Dec.29, Florence B. Lake, 70


Feb. 11, Marian Elizabeth Ferguson
Feb. 11, Myrtle Mercia Ferguson
Feb. 23, Francis Leone Bunn
March 22, Zayda Marie Cole
May 2, Neal Maurice Gage
August 6, Donald Edwin Hull
Nov. 4, Clarence William Buchanan
Nov. 14, John Edward Spoor


Jan. 12—Robert L. Wilson and Grace Elizabeth Brimmer
Jan. 21—Raymond F. Neidzweicki and Anna Thaczow.
April 3—Orvelle Clute and Ellen Evans
May 2—John S. Davis and Lottie Barton
June 19—George Yerdon and Flossie Kane
Oct. 15—Kenneth Earl Cooke and Lucy Margarite Smith
Nov. 11—Howard A. Robinson and Harriett L. George

There were 86 hunting licenses and 137 dog licenses issued by town clerk Lee F. Myers.

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