Thursday, October 4, 2012

One 'Wright' Name Leads to Many Family Members!

     Kathryn Hill, an active Find A Grave volunteer, posted an obituary for Amy Florence (Hollister) Wright.  She also requested a photo of the gravestone.  Requests for local cemeteries are automaticly sent to me since I signed up for that.  I always check them out for leads as well as cemetery locations, especially cemeteries that I haven't heard of.
     In the obituary, it mentioned that Amy had a son Frank Wright.  I know a Frank Wright, but the one I know locally wasn't of the right age.  However, knowing how names are passed down in families over and over, my curiosity was peeked.  The Frank Wright I know from our Senior Center is in his 90s and as spry as they come and sharp as a tack.  Lo, and behold, after putting in some information on Ancestry Search,  Amy turned out to be Frank's GRANDMOTHER!   Who would have thought it would be a 94 year old's grandmother?  I was thinking, MAYBE, his mother. The father of this Frank Wright was Gad Wright, another of her 5 sons.
     I spent the rest of the afternoon and most of the evening on plugging in name after name and generation after generation from that one bit of information.  With marriages, it led to the names of Gregory, Benjamin, Renwick, and Hume to list just a few of the prominent Butternut Valley names and many of them are buried at Butternut Valley Cemetery.  I pulled up the Butternut Valley Cemetery list and could match up more people that way as well.  Also, several of the people were included on my surname list with further information on their obituaries.
     I wish you fun in researching your family genealogy.  With the internet and all the tools we have available to us, it can be a very rewarding adventure.

Find A Grave for Amy Florence Hollister Wright

Post for Ruth Wright Smith.  Ruth was a granddaughter of Amy Hollister Wright and also a child of Gad Wright.  She was sister to Frank Wright.  She is buried at Union Cemetery, Edmeston, Otsego Co. NY.

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