Saturday, October 13, 2012

Try rechecking persons of interest to you for additions

You might want to recheck people that you are really interested in.  I add more to their posts if I find more of interest.  Also, I have been photographing gravestones as time allows and have quite an accumulation which is going to take me awhile to get them posted with obituaries as well as adding them to their Find A Grave memorials.
Yesterday, in passing Hillington Cemetery in Morris, NY, I circled up to the new part.  It had been raining, which isn't ideal for photographing stones, but since lichen on the stones was wet, I could scrub some down to at least visibility of names and numbers.  I will go another day when the photo op is better.  Every time I circle the driveways, I find more familiar names.  Why didn't they pop out at me before?
We had a hard killing frost last night, our first here in central NY for this fall.  It probably finished off most flowers with gravestones which I had been trying to catch for nicer photos.
Enjoy our week coming up. 

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