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A sharp decline in the vital statistics for the year just ended is noted for the town of Edmeston as compared to 1933. Here are the comparative figures for the past five years: Births; 1934, 20; 1933, 24; 1932, 19; 1931, 19; 1930, 33.
Deaths; 1934, 22; 1933, 33; 1932, 25; 1931, 23; 1930, 26.
Also there was one less marriage license issued this year than last, the number for 1934 being 12.

Births as recorded at the Town Clerk's office for the Town of Edmeston for the year 1934 are.

Jan. 7---Barbara Jenine Chapin to Carl and Hilda Chapin.

Feb. 11---Russell Claire Bennett to Ward and Ethel Bennett.

March 17---Janet Alberta Nelson to Albert and Pauline Nelson.

March 18---Margaret Isabelle Fuller to Glenn and Mildred Fuller.

March 28---Eileen Rose O'Dell to William and Mabel O'Dell.

March 28---Richard Laurence Welch to Renwie and Jane Jones Welch.
April 10---Donald Mayland McKinney to William and Minnie McKinney.

April 12---Leon Raymond Shaw to Cora B. Shaw.

April 13---Robert Willard Gabbart to Leonard and Laura Gabbart.

June 13---Mona Katherine Fish to Milton and Geraldine Fish.

July 13---Baby Shaffer to Theodore and Alfreda Shaffer.

August 5---Joyce Ann Brown to Harry and Myrtle Brown.

August 9---Laurentine Lewis Angell to Laverne and Verne Angell.
August 13---Kennethy Daniel Davis to Gerald and Winifred Davis.

Sep. 16---Marilee Joan Hemmer to Valentine and Gertrude Hemmer.

Sep. 27---Elizabeth Jane Cadwell to Howard and Sally Cadwell.

Oct. 15---Eunice Josephine Slentz to Donad and Ruth Slentz.

Oct. 19---Earl Clair Andrews to Francis and Ruby Andrews.

Nov. 10---Leon Arthur Schworm to Harry and Stella Schworm.

Dec. 20---Joyce Arline Newell to Harold and Nolna Newell.


Jan. 25---Frank H. Gates, age 67.
Mar. 6---Mina Belle Kennedy, 58.
Mar. 11---Joseph Pellick, 35.
Mar. 28-- Lester M. Burlison, 70.
May 2---Maria E. Crandall, 75.
May 7---Mary J. Colegrove, 84.
May 29---Ann Jones Delaney, 76.
July 13---Baby Shaffer.
Sep. 4---Joseph Yeckinevish, 54.
Sep. 4---Bethiah L. Mitchell, 59.
Sep. 20---John E. Williams, 71.
Oct. 14---Elmer E. Welch, 72.
Oct. 15---Addie C. Hickling, 72.
Oct. 25---William R. Kelsey, 48.
Oct. 26---Donald S. Smith, 6.
Oct. 29---Imogene Dupee, 76.
Nov. 11---Charles A. Convis, 56.
Nov. 13---Clayton P. Jacobs, 67.
Nov. 25---Rosetta O. Hume, 63.
Dec. 9---Hannah M. Chase, 98.
Dec. 30---David E. Perry, 78.
Dec. 31---Jeanette Light, 80.

Marriage licenses

Jan. 10---Glenn Milton Davis and Elizabeth Nadine Welch.

April 11---Howard Earl Best and Elizabeth Warren Lewis.

April 14---Herman Russel Strain and Marian Elizabeth Frazier.

May 5---Adolph Toczka and Jennie Poszko.

June 4---Raymond M. White and Myrthle E. Schmidt.

June 28---Robert Mitchell Wheeler and Doris E. Vunk.

July 26---Charles Lewis and Louisa White.
Sep. 2---Cary Roscoe Swayer and Martha Doris Convis.

Sep. 8---Willie Henry Sweet and Dorothy Ann Miller.

Sep. 16---Elmer Willis Tice and Eleanor Louise Larrabee.

Sep. 29---Donald A. Dye and Pauline E. Aiken.

Nov. 16---Douglas P. Harrington and Elizabeth Cady.

Dog and Hunting Licenses

During the year 213 dog licenses, totaling $489 in revenue were issued; 188 resident hunting, trapping and fishing licenses totaling $376 and 23 resident Deer licenses totaling $23 were issued.

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