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VITAL STATISTICS For Town of Burlington, NY 1934

VITAL STATISTICS For Town of Burlington 1934

Marriages, 7

Jan. 6, Lamont C Warring—Frances E. Olive.

May 4, Kester Duane Bookhout—Carrie Louise Benjamin.
June 16, Myron Frank George—Katherine Ida Angell.

Oct. 4, Danforth Sheldon Ritter—Doris Elizabeth Scott.

Oct. 20, Charles Milbert Greene—Anna Elizabeth Green.

Dec. 12, Ward Vaughn Baulch—Wilma Irene Cole.

Dec. 17, Arthur Jackson Boice—Margueriete Willetta Stone.

Death, 12

Jan. 3, Frank Chase, age 82.

Jan. 8, Minnie A. Phillips, age 82.

Feb. 22, Emily Celestia Hughes, age 70.

March 5, Jerome David Talbot, age 76.

March 8, Ruth F. Wormwood, age 87.

March 16, Ella Lulu Pelton, age 67.

March 16, Mattie F. Rose, age 63.

May 13, Mary Juliette Simmons, age 81.

May 21, Charlotte M. Lasher, age 53.

June 30, Adelbert H. Phillips, age 78.

Nov. 26, Howard Warner Rogers, 2 months.

Dec. 28, Floyd Benjamin Chase, age 77.

Births, 15

Jan. 7, Walter Albert Rogers to William and Edna Ward Rogers.

Jan. 11, Gladys Laura Bain to James and Prudence Collins Bain.

March 24, Russell John Curry to Floyd L. and Rosa Milbert Curry.

March 26, Ralph Eugene Arnold to Winfred C. and Beth Welch Arnold.

March 28, Ann Elizabeth Talbot to Albert and Anna King Talbot.

April 5, Phylis Ann Bennett to Alva C. and Jennie Burlison Bennett.

June 4, Bradley Clair Osborn to Clayton M. and Irene Davis Osborn.

July 2, Charles Robert Pierce to Harry R. and Alice Jenkins Pierce.

July 14, Harry Clesson Livingston to Harrison C. and Iva Phillips Livingston.

August 18, Harold Eugene Ashley to Walter L. and Myrtle Lucy Ashley.

September 18, Howard Warner Rogers to Peter E. Grace Allen Rogers.

September 20, Arnold Lee McLean to Willard and Ella Southworth McLean.

November 10, Virginia Ann Marr to Jesse James and Gladys Syble Davis Marr.

November 23, William Frank Nichols to Howard L. and Ruth Vidler Nichols.

November 29, Pearl Mary Colburn to Howard and Pearl Hickling Colburn.

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