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Miller, Iona 1879-1930 Edmeston Obituary

Miller, Iona 1879-1930 Edmeston Obituary

Farmhand at Edmeston Holds
Threat to Commit Suicide

Edmeston, Feb. 28----While his employer, Grace Rood, was summoning the state police, Iona Miller, 51-year-old farmhand, walked away from her into the kitchen of the Rood home on Edmeston R. D. 2 and sent a charge of shot from a 12-gauge single barrel shotgun through the jugular vein on into his head from the right side of his throat to cause instant death.
His act came on top of threats of self-destruction which he had made at various times ---threats which are believed to have been brought about by suffering with stomach trouble for several months.
Before he fired the fatal shot he notified his employer of his intention and while she was getting in touch with State Troopers E. C. Elmendorf and V. D. Hemmer, members of troop C at Sidney, stationed at Edmeston, carried out the act between 2 o'clock and 2:15 Friday afternoon.
The employer did not enter the room in which Miller met his death until the police arrived. The body was not touched until Coroner B. F. Bancroft of Garrattsville arrived and gave permission to move it to Houck's undertaking rooms.
Mr. Miller has lived in the vicinity of Edmeston and Burlington Flats all of his life. He had been employed at the Rood farm four years. Surviving him are a daughter, who is at school, Miss Rosemary Miller, and a son, Ernest Miller, of West Exeter. Funeral arrangements have not been made but it has been decided that interment will be made at Burlington Flats.

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