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Tribute to Robinson, Rosa 1886 Buffalo, Iowa

Robinson, Rosa Tribute 1886

Since our last items we have mourned the loss of a dear sister, and in behalf of the family we desire to express our most sincere thanks to the friends who so kindly sympathized with us in the sad bereavement. The following stanzas were kindly contributed by a dear friend of the departed one: WELLER

On the death of Rosa Robinson,
born Aug. 6, 1861, died Feb 18, 1886

Dear, dear Rose, can it be
No more thy look of love I see?
Those eyes that now are closed in death,
I'll think of till my latest breath.

We, loved you yes! No one can tell
How much we loved you, and how well.
God loved you too—He thought it best
To take you now with him to rest.
Rest dear Rosa, thy work is done,
The cross is past, the crown is won;
Asleep in Jesus; Oh, how sweet.
No sorrow, pain or death to meet.

Farewell, farewell, our Rosa dear!
Life is sad without you here;
Oh, may we meet in heaven above,
Where all is peace and joy and love.
Mrs. E. Kirk, Wilton, Iowa

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