Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Hello Note

Hello Everyone,
It has been a mixed up week here with preparation for my husband's surgery which was to take
place on Monday, the 26th at Cooperstown MIB Hospital.  That day, after going through 2 hours of waiting, then the preop process, the history and physical again,
the IV and blood work, visits from both the day and evening OR nurses, his surgeon, and 3 anesthesia
personnel, no less, a test that almost wasn't done cancelled his surgery.  His bleeding time was twice as
high as it should have been.  By then it was 4:30 and he
was starved.  I told him the good part was that I was taking him out to supper. 

So, we are again on hold until the prostate surgery is rescheduled.  Thank you for any thoughts and
prayers that all goes well. 

I hope your week is going well,  Donna

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