Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Springtime Update

Hello to my followers,

I hope you are all having a wonderful spring.  I'm quite happy to have the weather warming slowly as
I like the cooler weather.  Having my window open for sleep again is so nice.  And I can hear the
mighty chorus of peepers from the nearby swamp and ponds.

We made it through this frigid winter in this old 1880s house with the high heating bills along with the
rest of you.  Another reason to be thankful for spring and warmer weather.

After the radiation, my husband had a 4 month break from the pain from the bone cancer.  Not
completely painfree, but very much less and actually had periods without pain.  He was
able to walk without assistance which was nice.  However, that has been wearing off.  He was to
have another radiation round after another bone scan.  The results were similar to the Sept 2013 one
with slightly more concentrated areas.

In the meantime, he was getting weaker.  His blood count was down and 2 more units of blood were
given.  That didn't help as much to bring up his appetite and strength as the first blood given in Oct.
He is back to needing help with every step either with a walker or someone to assist.

The PSA (prostate test) got down to a low of 25.9 which made everyone happy.  Unfortunately, it
didn't remain there.  It started climbing.  Up to 37, then 60, and on up to 94.7.  The present
hormone therapy isn't working, so another one is to be tried.  Plan B in the regime!

That is pretty much where we are at.  Thank you for saying a prayer and wishing him luck.

Share your family all you can and do fun things.  God forbid, but all too soon you may not be able to do either one. 

I wish you a wonderful summer.  Donna

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