Saturday, July 28, 2012


2 Million Chinese Die
Of Famine in Few Months

Peiping,China, Jan. 13 (AP). ---The China International famine relief is confronting the most hopeless situation it has ever faced in famine-ridden China in the Northern province of Shensi, where thousands of people are dying from famine and exposure.
Grover Clark, a former Peiping newspaper editor, returning from a six-week inspection trip in the Wei river district, declared today that 2,000,000 people out of 6,000,000 in the area, died during the past eight months. Thousands were frozen to death during the recent cold wave when, with the thermometer at 32 below, Shensi province suffered the coldest weather recorded in its history. The people, accustomed to a minimun temperature of 15 above for more than 49 years, were caught unprepared.

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