Monday, July 23, 2012

Flaesch, Charles C. ADMITTED TO US SUPREME COURT 1930rt 1930

Flaesch, Charles C. 1930 Admitted to Supreme Bench

Unadilla Lawyer to Be Admitted to
Supreme Bench

Unadilla, April 21---Mr. And Mrs. Charles C. Flaesch left Unadilla last Thursday on a motor trip to Washinton, D. C. Mr. Flaesch is to be admitted to the practice of law before the United States supreme court in Washington.
Mr. Flaesch was born in the national capital. When he entered the state of West Virginia on Saturday, left but the states of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas to be visited by him, of the entire United States. We congratulate him not only on his wide traveling, but the extent of his practice, and admittance to the United States supreme court.

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